Madame President Celbrinia R. Emeoyx is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan from Planet Trecene. She is a mild-mannered, delightful, and is a very calm-toned woman who does what is best for her world and her race, which is why she became the president of her homeworld to safeguard it's entire stockpile of RAPTURE Tactical Nuclear Missiles that were produced during the Human-Rabodan War, yet never got to be utilized before the war ended. She has the same speech and tone of the Brony Analyst Dr. Wolf, and as such, she can bring comforting words to even the most disturbed and frustrated of victims and people, and never swears. She has purple skin as she uses chromokinetic gel that makes Rabodans more attractive and formal than they are with their natural blue-and-yellow skin pigment.


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