Weiss Zally Whitefield

Weiss Z. Whitefield is an Alternate UUniversal Neohuman from Planet Marbon. She is a former human turned into a transhuman and the president of the Neohumans, descended from humans who have evolved with technology and the humans' hidden genetic anomaly, getting new breeds, biology, anatomy, and intelligence. She was also the girlfriend of Lord Mandarious since high school and she was the vice-president alongside him as the president and has the same magical powers as him, and were unable to get married before the Villains Act drifted them apart, as she didn't like his decision to run to another dimension instead of fighting regardless of the VA taking down the Human Protection Agency, due to seeing their threat to make the humans go extinct to be nothing but an imintation tactic and a harmless bluff of an empty threat and knows that the VA is still too recent in the relitive time to even be minorly capable of such a threat and knows the humans would sooner wipe out the VA then vice versea, but they didn't know that Grand Duke Kafar-Ja was a double agent for the Villains Act. Thus she refused to leave and took an entire group of humans to go to the isolated Orphyne systems and became part of the Union of Independent Systems, intending to take down the Villains Act before the arrival of the Shell Lodgers. She has much in common with Mandarious, and not just the magic powers she wields like a technological interface, but also compatible personality. Her advancements make her better at her magic powers than Mandarious.


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