The United Universal Mafia Alliance, commonly known as just Mafia Allience, is a united group of criminal syndicates from across the UUniverses joining forces for money and power, while being lead by the mysterious titanic snake named Crimelord Titan.


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Prime Members

  • Crimelord Titan- The leader and founder of the Mafia Alliance. He is a Titanoboa who was unearthed from the Dragon Realms Dante's Freezer and went into the criminal business until uniting a great number of them to forming the Mafia Alliance, all with the help of an unknown benefactor who provides powerful Darkspawn relics and talismans for power. He became like this due to cruel exspeariments by the Dragozaurs.
  • Madam Fem Fatal- A Canadian-French Arctic fox who was formerly named Vexity, the leader of The North Wind, as well as the partner and childhood friend of it's current leader, Classified. Though when the North Wind was starting to note the criminal level of the Mafia Alliance, Vexity ended up captured and brainwashed, and basically mobsterized, onto their side, while the North Wind still considers it a priority to get their leader back. Now as Fem Fatal, she keeps a private collection of creatures from the worlds of JujuColdaron, and Odyssey, to name a few, to serve as her personal henchmen and pets.
  • Dave- An octopus supervillain-genius who didn't exactly get to complete his revenge on the Penguin Spieces. He was eventally recovered by Fem. After some time of getting over his personal grief with Penguins, he has since became one of the Mafia Alliences's inventors, being respondsable for things like animal husbanry and exspeariments, as well as enhancing drugs to have much more adverse and addicting effects to make addicts pay even more and get more, asentually making drug rings even more profitable, and a much bigger concern. His includion of his Octopus followers served as the organic side of the Mafia Allience's genius duo.
  • Lyric- A cybernettic snake genius from the Sonic Boom game. He became a co-partner with Dave, who he often refers to as "David" as part of him being more mature and sofisicated then Dave, and, surprisingly, unlike his relationship with SB Dr. Eggman, actselly gets along well with him. Now some would argue it's because Dave is less prone to complete mistakes and oversights, but it's actselly more. As you can tell from his appearence alone, HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE SEGA WOULD COME UP WITH?! He's too semi-more realistic then the usual sonic animals. Well, his true past is more heart-wrenching then a simple "Power-Hungry nut getting due karma", though that's not to say that part was somewhat true, if not to the extent it was. Lyric was once part of a world that was gonna have it's own existence and it's own reality. In it, Lyric did wanted to take over the world, but not exactly out of being a power-hungry nutcase, though he did had felt he should be in charged of everyone, including his fellow beings. He also did it to give his daughter, Sylic, litterally a world where she could be princess, where it would've shown that Lyric was doing it also for the sake of being a good father, albeit in a way abit to extreme. However, when Sega desided that this world was perfect for a "New Direction" for a seperate Sonic universe, they with aide from the Nintendo Corperation invaded the world and abducted the characters that won't fit into the ideals of Sega and banished them to the video game verson of Wasteland in part of the larger Realm of the Forgotten, including poor Sylic, to the dismay of Lyric. He was spared apawn the request of a sympathic Sonic, who had promised Sylic would be brought back after the game was made. However, apawn Sonic Boom's release, due to both Sega's own incompidence and rushed defeluptment and that the radical change itself didn't sit well with hard-to-please fans, the Sega Bosses refused to give Lyric his daughter back due to abysmal sales, even when it was more their own fault. Sonic tried to insist he'll still bring Sylic back once the bosses are in a better humbler mood, but Lyric's broken heart drove him further into anger and left the world that means nothing to him anymore. Lyric was eventally found by a sympathic Fem Fatal and was taken into the Mafia Alliance and was made robotic and weapon inventer ever since, and mass produced the slugbutt mafia's robot design and improved apawn them when the original inventer was eventally lost. Lyric served Titan for a big game plan he's making in return for a chance to be able to finally be reunited with his daughter. His robots served as the artifictal side of the Genius duo.
  • Crangor the Merciless (Formerly)- A Deserta jackal mercenary with a rather infamous reputation and violent tendencies. While mostly an independent blade-for-hire, he is always quick to answer the call of the Mafia Allience. However, his quickness to serve and appease Titan will eventually come at a heavy price.
  • Sourball- (Formerly) A treacherous undercover soul-auctioner Slimeballian from the Planet Slimeball pretending to be an actual member of the Galactic Federation and is entrusted to manipulate it's own rule-preferring systems against them in the Mafia. His acts include blackmailing and bullying the Grand Councilwoman, and for outlawing a powerful and beneficial weapon called the Mk. 20 Intensifier Cannon and giving it an unrealistic penalty by death, a part he played a huge role in, in more horrendous ways than one, in so he then sells the souls of the executed terrorists back to the groups themselves for self-gained profit, and repeat the process. The reason he gets away with bossing around the Grand Councilwoman who is obviously of much higher rank is because ever since SpongeBob and Friends Meet Lilo & Stitch and certain events in The Tri of Justice more so, he now has the support of most members of the Galactic Council, despite the fact that originally and still so, Sourball is not normally credible, or likable for that matter, and is usually never taken seriously. But when the Grand Council Woman starts deciding that doing the right thing is more important then standards, then the Council will start to give ears to Sourball. But thankfully, soon enough, Sourball won't get to enjoy his unrightful place in power for long. Hopefully, once so, his fall won't drag the Galactic Federation with it.
  • Metalhead- While not a true member, this Superior Silver Fox has become a huge benefactor through owning his own mafia/rouge company called Steelus, and has given huge financial support and has imported powerful Superior technology to the Mafia Allience and was able to expose the Super Ops' secrets in making things rather quick thanks to his conning and finnesse in pretending to be a very trusted member of the Kratosian Senate through a very powerful holographic disguise that fooled even their robots as part of Titan's special plans for a heist he said will 'guarantee' bringing the Mafia Alliance back on the map.
  • Crime Lord Seftin- A currently-undecided unoffical, yet powerful, ally giant snake from the Alternate UUniverses and a possible new ally to the Mafia Alliance. Titan has a great admirable liking to Seftin, but is very cautious about Seftin having more honorable origins than he thought but was a victim of a horrendous crime that made him so criminalistic to begin with. Titan aims to make sure Seftin competely turns to crime for good and earns the power of AUU technology, but soon, Seftin's own anti-hero daughter may aim to ruin his ambitions for good.
  • Madam Deces (Indirectly/Formerly)- While not considered a true ally, this spider sorceress did own a powerful sex-slave trade operation that was often finacelly supported by the allience, and she became an outside friend of Titan who was kind enough to always share her earnings with him. However, in due to her eventual capture in An All-Out French Experience with Gary, Titan has still been struggling to free her ever since.

Dons and Bosses

  • Don Mike Cubafish (Formerly)- A red-bellied piranha from the Madagascar world who lead a criminal syndicate known as "The Cubafish Mafia" in South America consisting entirely of a pack of his own species. He was hinted to have lead to the events of the "death" of Officer Axle's parents. Though thanks to an accident caused by the United Universal Police Department, Mike's school ended up cannibalizing each other at the scent of their own blood, and Mike was thrown in Davy Jones Penitentiary, with only 4 fish parasites to comfort him.
  • Don Slime (Formerly)- A Slimeballian from Slimeball who owned the Slugbutt Mafia and intended to get revenge on a certain dragon senator for accidentally wronging him during the Great Grox War. They had a great influence on the Dragon Realms and have avoided the watchful eyes of the Galactic Federation since the beginning, all while having some assistance from a group of GFed criminals known as The Dark Trinity. Problem is, Slime's habits in trying to get revenge conflicted the interest of the over all allience, espeically since losing the Slugbutt mafia would be a costly wound to it, even more then the loss of several other Mafias. But eventally, it was lost, and is considered the biggest wound to the Allience's power since even the falls of the Cubafish mafia, the Barnyard Mafia, the Le-Mor Mafia and the Soviet Stinger Mafia.
  • Don Porker (Formerly)- The pig leader of the Barnyard Mafia from the Shrek world. He is a secretly-corrupted prized farm pig that manipulated all of the farm animals of the farm to organize crime in the kingdom of Far Far Away. He has a high weakness for sweets, so the majority of his crimes are candy-based, resulting in him being seriously obese. However, when he proceeded to mess with Gingy in The Tallest Talltales EVAH! with Sour Cookie and his own private henchmen army with plans to not only eat his nice house, but to mass-produce it in a counterfeit operation, it ended up leading to the end of Porker's empire, the fall of Porker as a beloved prized pig, and in a cruel twisted irony, since he was fat from all the sweets he ate, and without his prized status, Porker was shipped off to the Far Far Away Farm Animals Final Resting Place, which is basicly their world's slaughterhouse where he was put out of his overweight misery and literally made a lot of ham.
  • Don Demitri Le-Mor (Formerly)- A self-absorbed ringtailed lemur leader of the 'Le-Mor' Mafia which is known for phoney scams to even villain teams. He wasn't considered popular to Titan as a result in terms of building stable relations with potential customers, especially powerful villain teams. However, Le-Mor's con artist tendencies finally caught up when he conned the Villain League themselves, who quickly caught onto him and punished him as just in a way so hilarious, it became an Internet meme. Le-Mor has since been left to rot in jail with his Mafia lost during the League's 'retaliation' and Le-Mor left forever ruined reputationally and eternally broken.
  • Don Great W. Shark- The UUniverses' most powerful great white shark mobster who was formerly behind the Shark Boss from Shark Tale until he reformed thanks to tragedy and a huge misunderstanding, leaving Great with the full opportunity to claim the title as the greatest shark mobster of all time. Great W. has earned a fearsome reputation among the sharks of the UUniverses, claiming boldly that even the shark from Jaws and Goliath would poop themselves and swam away yapping away like scared dogs in his presence. The only thing Don Great is truly afraid of and rightfully respects is Titan.
  • Don Long-Finger- A gold-obsessed rat crimelord with an unnaturally-long finger with a horror-movie monster-like claw on the tip of it. He was once a lab-rat experiment from Mega-Sci Corp and his finger was mutated by scientists under the orders of Dr. Marz to turn Long-Finger into the perfect butcher meant to be a military weapon used to quickly eliminate enemy leaders. However, thanks to Marz eventually being arrested for an unrelated experiment, Long-Finger was allowed to escape and intimidate rats to serve under him in a new mafia group who's infamy quickly earned Titan's attention. Long-Finger is pursued by Xenon and Kate Jenkins as part of their aim to rid Mega-Sci Corp of their questionable past and de-mutate all of their victims. Long-Finger still proves to be a challenge to truly capture.
  • Boss Grouse- The leader of the infamous Griffin Mafia itself. Grouse ordinarily likes the Griffin Mafia to keep to their own devices and thinks the Mafia Alliance and their standards is too extreme for even him, but he joined to get 'Anti-Shell Lodge Squad' protection when they proved to be in issue in his business, like when Dog-John was placed under their protection and their part in making Fashion Week to be soon 100% assasination free, ruining his business standards. But his true concern is because his most powerful former assassin, Dilyan, lost to them during his servitude to Captain Blot. But it's clear Grouse doesn't have true faith in Titan's ability to truly stop the Lodgers, especially when things will soon hit the fan.
  • Boss Gagnon- A gorilla crime boss from the sports capital of the UUniverses, Athletecus. Gagnon, being nearly dim-witted, keeps a more neutral, but cynical, position with Titan in due to the fact that Titan's standards are far more extreme than even his own, especially since Gagnon tends to treat his followers more friendlier through pizza parties coming with drinks and desserts, as well as Titan's bad habits in using Darkspawn artifacts and that he never explains in full detail of his 'partner', implying that it's clear Gagnon doesn't feel comfortable being in the Alliance.
  • Mr. Saburou- A Japanese tanuki crimelord who grew a liking to Titan because of his power. He has also developed a dangerous interest in Kratos and Superiors, wanting to be a Superior himself so, like Titan in his ability to obtain darkspawnic artifacts, he can use superpowers to turn crime into an unbelievably-easy joke. He would seek out any means necessary to make his dreams come true, and even risk a war to make it happen. Fortunately so far, he is far from true success, but there had been close calls.
  • Scor-Pan (Formerly)- At some point in his long immortal life, Scor-Pan eventually became the don of a powerful Russian mafia named 'The Soviet Stinger', but due to being concerned about Titan's growing curiosity for his past, he quickly retired to protect the family of Amutt and the Scarlet Messiah Prophecy, as well as his own interests born from unbalanced Equinox Magic, and gave his position to another. The renamed Soviet Stinger was eventually disbanded by the UUPD.
  • Don Criminal Deed (Formerly)- A rogue Draconequus from Equestria that is infamous for violating the rules against doing choas outside of Draconequua besides Mayhem and Discord. He left his home and Equestria to 'find bigger fish to fry'. Deed began manipulating many earthly and alien criminals to found the 'Chaos Mafia' and supplied the Mafia Alliance with a magical edge. He even has an "Equestian Threat" status for his respondsablity of corrupting several Draconquui into this. He was captured during an extremely botched attempt to coherse Tyranny into Mafia suritude and ended up getting himself and his draconquui assisents captured by Draconquui enforcers and promoptly placed in the highest imprisonment in Draconequua, merely out of provoking karma and screamed outloud that he caused this to begin with. The rest of the Choas Mafia was eventally taken down by the combined efferts of the Lougers, the UUPD, The Galactic Federation due to the includion of aliens, and the avaluable hero they chanced apawn.
  • Boss Floss- A hygiene-obsessed crime lord aardwolf who was once a dentist who went into painful and unlawful extremes just to win his 'war on cavities'. Because of turning into a mafia boss, he lost sight of his true goal and is deluded to think he is still doing it, unaware that he's gone full-blown criminal.
  • Don Kraken- A mutated colossal squid who mistakes himself as the Kraken because he has similar abilities thanks to being yet another victim of Mega-Sci Corp. He escaped because of these abilities and has used his powers of manipulating common criminals and mine-warped usurp control of a Greek mafia owned by Don Valsil'ver, who shared the same connnection with Don Kraken like the real Kraken and Volgud.
  • Criminal Sanches- The first ever self-proclaimed inventor of organized crime in Pastoon. The criminal mule is infamous for introducing mafia crimes into Pastoon and brought the terrors of organized crime into a world that normally only worries about outlaws. Sanches has also included Pedo Fred as a right-hand man due to being the only one a threat to the son of Sheriff Garrot and knowing where to stop the one boy planning to introduce a stronger law into Pastoon, though Sanches is not afraid to criticize and call out Fred for his pedophilic desires and admit clear disgust to him.
  • Don Baras Cuda- An extremely fearsome barracuda crime lord from the Great Barrier Reef of SpongeBob's world. He has been known to have moved his mafia to Bikini Bottom following his success of burning down an orphanage in Texas with smuggled Futurasian water suits, and for the death of Sandy's friend, Cindy Possum, when she was just a child in first grade when she was trying to stand up to them. Following his relocation to Bikini Bottom, he became the actual successful thief of the beloved Krabby Patty Formula and founder of the newfound 'Counterfeit Krabby Patty Operation'. He is pretty much Bikini Bottom's most unspeakable evil, topping even The Flying Dutchman or Plankton.

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