Magca La Wyzer, AKA Magca the Spellchecker is an Alternate UUniversal Censen from Planet Magelio. She is a being of living quantum energy that has the ability to harness quantum energy, including mana and by extension magic. She was known as a dimension hopper who gained accidental access to dimensional scissors from the world of Mewni, as she ended up coming across a Destroid, a rogue Outer God that poison dimensions with chaos, named Assolar, as she almost lost her life defeating it, getting her to retreat into the Magic Realms, where she not only lost her dimensional scissors, but lost herself to the Realm's effects, becoming a warrior of unlimited magic powers. But when the Realm was destroyed, and then resurrected by Thaumorpheus, Magca was revived much colder and cruel than before after watching her hometown being destroyed by a magic reactor meltdown caused by the Realm's destruction. She became convinced that Mewmans, the race responsible for magic's destruction, are to be annihilated and aimed to do that with all the power she had.


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