Mage Cagum Sa Garlock, anonymous name Secret Founder G, is an Alternate UUniversal Auguran from Planet Augury. He is one of the many secret founders of the Villains Act who is a prime leader that was in charge of magocratics, or diplomacy and governmental regulations involving the use of magic. He was known to have managed to be able to know how to wield both magic and science on the Auguran planet of Maragon, though he up and went to helped the Villains Act with balancing out it's experience with magic by keeping track of all magic users in the Villains Act, as well as keeping reports on invasions of magical worlds.


Garlock was borned to a traditionalist socity with very amoral beliefs. They don't believe in neither good or evil. They only view them as "Social Labels" created by a "social image conjustus" socity.

Garlock's home socity believed that all are entitled to their desteny, whether benifital or not, as desteny is not something to be treated like a social status. The socity viewed itself as "an enlighten force" that defys the "shackles of social status", and that moriality is just part of an unenlighten socity. As such, Garlock grew up with this way of believing to a Zealotical T. In fact, he also grewed up with personal desires to one day free the universe of these norms so the worlds will be as enlighten as his people.

Eventually, Garlock assended to position of mage after many years of magical training and became one of their best. However, he deemed his traditional magic illequipt to reach his goals, and has went to aquire the power of "modern magic", or as the rest of the universe calls it, science. As such, he left his native home of Augury and went to the planet Maragon, where science had more presence. And just as much he mastered magic, he mastered science. However, unlike his home socity, the Augorans of the planet were more aware of morality and were highly cautious of Garlock from the socity he's from, deeming him "An Amoraler", a word to use against the like's of Garlock's people. Garlock's people were, known to be controverseal of their lack of consideration for their actions in not believing in right and wrong, and were not a popular socity for it.

Garlock however paid it no mind and deemed it to be expected to those that are unenlighten. This has helped him against bullies, frustraughting them that he never paid their insults any mind, deemed them to be "words of the unenlighten" and always used his magic against their attempts at physical abuse. Every bully ends up giving up on tormenting Garlock "The Untortureable". This deems him an even bigger caution that nothing gets to him badly, not even commen inconvinences like bathrooms being hogged or a vending machine being out of order. Not even when he was being mugged by thugs he flinched, and the thugs ended up being scared to leave him alone by his inability to be intimiated. As such, when he finally graduated, he was neither applauded nor booed, because people know it wouldn't get to him either way. It was socially deemed that nothing was gonna get to Garlock.

However, one day, Garlock's socity was attacked by an intergalactic warlord that hated the socity for creating a mage that took his family because of the beliefs he deemed "toxic" to socity and was blinded by a self-rightious fury to destroy that socity for it's "toxic views". He did so without mercy or remorse. That, finally gotten to Garlock in a way. He didn't bursted into a fury of emotions by all means, but an inner sense of locked up sadness, anxity, depression and fear were released..... Along with never felt before anger. Though his sense of Amorality kept him from being overly emotional, he was none-the-less determined to punish the warlord who took his people.

Garlock confronted this warlord, and with the combined might of magic and science, the warlord's forces stood no chance against him. Eventually, the Warlord himself had his soul devoured by Garlock, condemning the fallen warlord to be a cursed zombie slave to cater to his whims. Garlock may have managed to keep to Amorality, but he became vastly more determined to rid the labels of socity to make the universes embrace his dying beliefs to rebuild his lost socity. This has lead him to become a secret founder for the VA as a result because in a way, they aimed to make AUU socity better for those that were snubbed, shunned, ignored, even wrong by socity. Garlock as kept true with his fellow founders even dispite it's many recent troubles, and could possability be aiming to one day help them out of that rut.

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