Magedoctor Coronado Moc Hertzberg is an Alternate UUniversal Blord from Planet Remena. He is a Valerian Glamopod-like cephalopod being and a scientific magician and half-Grimbrother who provides intel and technology, mixed with Grim magic and spells, as well as resources, for Grimmess Occultra. He was a former member of The Mage Council of Remena as the former representative of techno-magic (dubbed by Hertzberg as it's historical term of thaumanology), but quit under reasons of rampant Grim discrimination in thanks to the Council's decision to encourage it thanks to Magemaster Ura'nus Azzhole, a whisked away Teadr 1 being and an adopted descendant of a ruthless family of Grim Slayers. Being particularly angry at Celestius for letting Azzhole in as a member, he left and became a minion for Occultra. He has the ability to use thaumanology magic to create any kind of machine he can imagine, yet he wields his own preferred trademark weapon: four combat wands that can transform into all kinds of rifles and melee weapons, and technopathic rings on all four arms to control any machine or data matrix around him, as his tense, technopathy, is too powerful for him to control without them. He may talk like a typical angry at the world snarky wise-ass with a hint of German accent, but like Occultra and the others, there's more beneath the surface, as his connections to Occultra are abit more than generic mad doctor minion as he would put it. He has a particular talent of making Grimaces, as the majority of new Grimace problems are often due to him since other Grimace issues were often either escaped experiments or an accidentally infected native creature. He is the AUU version of RWBY Arthur Watts.


Coronado was born as the adopted son of a Grimbrother, who could only raise him until he was 6 before being killed by Grim-haters. Distraught by this oppression, Coronado accidentally killed the murderers with his newly-awakened tense ability of technopathy, using their own tech against them by detonating their phones and tech gear on their bodies. He swore to avenge his father by making sure that Grims were treated fairly, doing so by going into politics and sciences. He rose up the ranks with his genius in both, and managed to get a seat in the Mage Council of Remena, maintaining a steady hold on the world from his hometown of Almana.

However, when Azzhole arrived, his time as a Mage Councilor started to dwindle. Azzhole would proceed to corrupt the mage council into his side and deluded them into never taking his violent actions against Grims seriously, resulting in Coronado to angerly resign from the position without much of an explanation why to the confusion of the other mage councilors, ignorant to what Azzhole had done. He turned to Grimmess Occultra, someone he had adopted long prior to this event, to put Azzhole where he belongs, and managed to sabotage much of his own power by giving Occultra access to most of his tech account and political intrigue.

His intellect made the fight against Azzhole very easy for Occultra, leaving Azzhole extremely angry and served to make the Council extremely incompetent at the powers of Occultra and kept those not-blind haters or just plain idiots from ever taking them seriously. His tech prowess made Occultra untouchable from a tech-based assault, and it came to be a mistake that Coronado hoped Azzhole would regret.


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