The Magelio Elder Council is an Alternate UUniversal council consisting of 20 councilors that govern and train eligible chosen ones across the AUU and tutor them to become responsible in the art of magic. Like the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council, they are a refreshed and brand new generation of the Magelio Council of Old that fought against sorcerers, demons, and all kinds of evil who wished to use Magelio magic for evil. When they mysteriously died out, and their unfathomable magical power was lost for eons, a thousand years of poverty and partially-adequate protection and civilization later came this new Council consisting of 20 individuals that were naturally gifted with Magelio magic, and thus restored the stewardship of the Magelio Council of Old and began making Magelio what it was known for once again.


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  1. Eldridge Odolf Stroud Aristedes- A pseudo-sauropod and the Head Grand Elder of the Council. He is the most powerful of the Magelio Council, and because of his age and his size, he can hardly move without magical assistance.
  2. Quilliam Skelton- An elephant-seal-like penguin and the Grand Elder of Necromancy, as such he is in charge of the magic of the deceased and undead.
  3. Szymra Montmorency- A cephalopod and the Grand Elder of Occlumency, as such she is in charge of fighting off all forms of mental spells attacks, and illusions.
  4. Iachima Xextechus- A giant primate and the Grand Elder of Technomancy, as such he is in charge of the magic of technology, the matrix, intelligence, the achieved, and everything that can easily match magic in capability.
  5. Teshen Hieronymus- A rough-headed pachyderm and the Grand Elder of Terramancy, as such he is in charge of the magic of worlds, soil, atmosphere, terrain, and everything between.
  6. Ietter Lus Occoypse- A tusked tapir-like creature and the Grand Elder of Astromancy, as such he is in charge of the magic of the cosmos, the space-time continuum, spatial forces, the stars, systems, unigalaxes, and so on. He has claimed to have had several sightings of an astro-whale migration from his home planet, with little people believing him, and has rode and interacted with a few in his Magelio career.
  7. Transolo Dimentus- A being simular to the creatures from "A Quiet Place" who pocesses knowledge and magic of dimentions who isn't actselly of the AUU per-say, but is from migranted immigrants from a dimention that got too powerful and was taken by Unspeakable Creatures, of which he came from a surviving planet that was able to teleport into the AUU. Even with mass knowledge of dimentions protecting him, Transolo is trumatised by what become of his old dimention and becomes immensely bitter and aggressive, espeically when after he defeated a gang of Dark Magilo Users that came to become cultists to the same unspeakable creatures and practicly obliterated them, which earned favor to join the council, albeit to keep Transolo closer and to keep him from going rogue in bitterness, espeically after the Magilo placed his people under their protection from attempts by these creatures via more cults and avatars from trying to get at them. 
  8. Iophmet Polixenes- A parrot-like vulture and the Grand Elder of Genomancy, as such he is in charge of the magical laws of evolution and creation of wildlife itself.
  9. Obelix Morpsmus- A bioluminescent echinoderm and the Grand Elder of Oneiromancy, as such he is in charge of the subconscious mind, empathic struggles, mental conflict, and even dreams.
  10. Challis Lifeworthy- A butterfly-like insect and the Grand Elder of Life, as such she is in charge of the balance and preservation of life, the ecosystem, and the magic that enriches it.
  11. Siliya Fairfax- A cat-like primatoid and the Grand Elder of Charms, and thus she is in charge of the magic of beauty, charm, happy endings, fulfillment, and enlightenment.
  12. Fush Aephodotus- An anteater-like mammal and the Grand Elder of Hexes, and thus he is mainly in charge of the most basic and easily achievable and adaptable spells ever known, and is thus in charge of educating students.
  13. Inger Brewstrom- A colorful poison-dart-frog-like creature and the Grand Elder of Potions, and thus is excellent in chemicals, augmentation, medicine, cures, poisons, illnesses, and so on.
  14. Dante Iyle Pompey- A highly-venomous snake and the Grand Elder of Curses, and thus he is in charge of the ethics and/or last-resort uses of these strictly-prohibited variants of Magelio magic as they can be infectious, and can cause harm both mentally and physically.
  15. Surony Ollemycroft- A monitor lizard and the Grand Elder of Jinxes, and thus she is in charge of the unexpected, the counters, the loopholes, and anything that can be used to get any easy spell off track.
  16. Ikey Euphond Holygrom- An aerial cnidarian and the Grand Elder of Wonder, and thus he is in charge of offering the wonder in one's Magelio abilities, and shows what amazing and imaginative things can be done with magic.
  17. Gaerea Gia Abernethy- A parrot-like bird and the Grand Elder of Animism, as such she finds power and magic in even the most defenseless of wildlife across the AUU, and knows how to support them.
  18. Fayme Amaryllis- A bat-faced canine and the Grand Elder of Witchcraft, and thus she is in charge of the good and evil that can be put into Magelian magic, and thus can do virtually anything, gruesome, evil, Faustian, sacrificial, or otherwise.
  19. Ximon MacGuffin- A turtle-like reptile and the Grand Elder of Fortune, and thus he is a precognitive master who can see the past, present, and future, and thus tell prophecies and what will occur across the AUU, and gives forewarnings of what fate could hold in store for individuals.
  20. Jatin Lucklire- A wooly-lagomorph and the Grand Elder of Superstition, and thus he is in charge of the inevitable, miracles, coincidences, minor setbacks, accidents, and anything that can easily result in an accident such as a magical discharge or flux.
  21. Echo Oul Ouranium- An owl-like bird and the Grand Elder of Spirits, and thus he is in charge of not only communicating with the residence of the Boundary Cluster, but can also fulfill favors for and communicate with spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, and other forms of paranormal activity, capable of taming the most tortured soul.


Students and/or Protégés

  • Cornelious the Great and Powerful- A Trixie-Eqsed Magilo User Harrathor Actalite who's so full of himself he even magicly altered his wings to resemble the night sky to show how powerful he is. Granted, he is a well trained student, if though his failure to be humble is what holds him back from being a true Magilo Master. However, after a mission to stop The Xerus Sorrowers ends mostly pitiful with him having to be saved and then get rid of Sub-Magilo relics, he came to defelupt SOME traces of humility from it. Although he was sure to only say that he was able to get rid of the relics with no problems. The Elders, in knowing better, feel skectical, but they desided to let him get away with it because they felt he suffered enough humiliation and are just glad he was safe.
  • Integra Isiris Lade Phaeton- A Toshan female and is an expert magician and is famous as the Magelio Elder Council of Old's last valedictorian before their extinction. Despite being around for centuries, she is still attractive to so many people who know of her, and she even started out in life as a bachelorette before being a Magelian valedictorian. After the Council of Old died as the result of an ancient unknown evil, she went into an enchanted rainforest called the Integra Rainforest, which is the Everfree Forest times 10, where she rests until she is needed by the Council of New OR any of their students who come. The only ones who have ever met her are Idola and Geneva.
  • Idola Manafield- A griffin-like Magelio student from Azathoth who has fought against evil longer than any other student under the Council's tutelage. She was originally an orphan who lost her biological father, who was a member of a legendary clan of Magelio warriors who used enchanted swords to fight off tyrants for thousands of years. One of these threats was another highly-powerful Grykren tyrant named Mustafall, who was able to kill Idola's father in an attempt to take his sword, which was the last of dozens of ultra-enchanted swords called Agsagords, but it was lost before he could claim it. While he would be defeated, imprisoned, and later assumingly died, the sword would be found by it's wielder's daughter, Idola, who would eventually be roped into an adventure to defeat a new threat that would later reveal itself to be the returning Mustafall, discovering an ancient Magelio superpower that made him a match for even the Magelio Councilors, and seeking to once again take over the AUU with his newfound power, and still seeks the Last Agsagord to double his power a hundred-fold. Under the tutelage of her foster home planet's leader, Princess Goronwy, a princess who has proven not only to be able to save herself all the time, but also not taking any nonsense from any villains, and with help from her achieved friends and boyfriend in the form of Goronwy's brother, Prince Tariber, she was able to stop Mustafall and earn the title of one of the greatest fighters for Magelio.
  • Geneva- A traveling Luckiry who wanders all across the AUU looking for adventure and being somewhat hilarious, perky, enthusiastic, and carefree, yet noble and wise at the same time. As a mythical being heralded for being personifications of good luck, and possessing pure hearts, her family lineage proved that even Luckiries can have bad luck at times when evil struck and spread them across the AUU. Geneva is a bold person who wields anything she wishes after purifying it with her inherited magic, and travelling to Magelio and being the valedictorian before Idola made her not just Idola's friend, but the secondary icon of the Academy.
  • Superius Samantha- A stalik who was among the best students as she fought off a dangerous evil that almost succeeded in conquering Magelio. She is currently a member of the Heroes Act, and has helped Merlin of the Shell Lodge Squad to learn Magelio.
  • Qolma the Strong- A feline who started her studies in Magelio a few weeks before Samantha after her quality of self-sacrifice being so pure. She commonly flies in her custom-made holographic GravWing-10 Hoverpack, and has a wide knowledge of healing spells, shields, and the ability to freeze time itself.
  • Helki Heaven- A marsupial marten who was born on a magic world and was previously out of control of her magical powers, many of which are based on touch, and thus her family sought Magelio for help, and since proper training, she is much more flawless with her powers.
  • Java- A griffinfly-like insect who is similar in personality to Sparx. He is a wise-cracking jokester who nevertheless uses his magic responsibly.
  • Govocher- A semi-aquatic porcine who has multiple magic tattoos that were cast on him as a baby by an enchantress that granted him incredible magical powers that he went to Magelio to train with.
  • Lilary Spore- A photosynthetic terrestrial polychaete Magelio master who wishes to unleash the magic of biotics, or the magic that could come from biological-based machinery, especially since she was raised on Tamiltey and faced continual oppression by the Grutts that terrorized her land. So she gained experience in Magelio magic and used it to effectively enhance her world's defenses where they can easily fight off the Grutts.
  • Swirlock- A colorfully-beaked flightless bird that comes from a world with a beautiful environment and accidentally got subjected to magical chemicals that gave him uncontrollable powers and thus trained with the Council to control them better.
  • Ittozo Crowns- A colorfully-tusked dinosaur who was raised by Saurocones and mysteriously being able to use his horn to use magic just as well as they can. He thus enrolled as a student for the Council.
  • Splosh- A large carp-like fish who lives in an enchanted water-land reef field on his home planet. He lives in a tribe ruled by a highly-powerful Magelio-blessed charwoman who adopted him as a surrogate son and sent him to Magelio to uphold her lineage as top Magelian warrior.
  • Hoguen Vola Pym- A predatory venomous otter who, despite having two trusty blasters, is known for enchantments and potions that not only enhance his fighting capabilities and powers, but also enhances his guns as well.
  • Wermit Leiffer- A leaf-backed toad who was the son of a deadly Magelian renegade who was known as the Omnic Animal, capable of being any animal he chooses, and was planning to take over Magelio early on.
  • Olcay Brocewond- An ungulate-like dinosaur who wields two combat wands that were unearthed from ancient Magelian war battles that grant him incredible magical abilities.
  • Mikayla Aec Wunx- An Auguran who was one of those trained under the Magelio Council of Old who currently lives as an ancient teacher for the students with the most potential and a long-time ally to the current Magelio Council.
  • Spellman- The nice magically-omnipresent head Anthrocorn security guard of the Council Palace, a self-learning student in magic and a very low-wage annoyance when it comes to being literally everywhere in the Palace.
  • Merlin: A powerful wizard from the OUUniverses that proved his worth and mastered Magelio.

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Council-Of-Old Era Enemies

  • Vulxan- A large lich-like monster with a menacing monstrous accented voice who is literally Magelio's most ancient enemy of supposed Ehaexon (AUU First Cartoonian War Teadr 1 demonic insectomammal beings turned demons) origin, and the one who is responsible for the death of the Council of Old despite their greatest efforts to stop it. It's history is a complete mystery just like the AUU First Cartoonian War itself, but it has been one of the biggest evils in Magelio, nay the AUU. Starting a war called the Dominic War with an entire army called the Vulxan Dominion, it fought well and provided a deadly match and completely destroyed the Council of Old, all except for their descendants who not only survived long enough for Vulxan to be stopped and sealed by an unknown hero. With Vulxan gone, the Council of Old's descendants set off a chain of events that lead to the formation of the Elder Council of New today, all while Vulxan is forever banished to the Boundary Cluster. It has a blended personality of Adventure Time Lich, Hellsing Alucard, and a common Faustian Devil.
  • Lord Corruptus- A giant crane-like pterosaur from pre-USRA times who started out as the troubled, rebellious, mean, and self-righteous son of the Superintendent of the Magelio Magic School he enrolled in, Superintendent Getertheax Corruptus. In his early life, he had bad language and anger issues, and violated hundreds of school rules until one trouble-making event caused the entire school to beat him up and take his left eye, turning him anti-social, became a gene-drug addict, and had underage alcoholism. Soon enough, he became a violent bully who did terrible things, and when he was threatened to be arrested, he manifested himself into an angry demi-spirit and destroyed all the crystals protecting the world, and terrorized it for a full month until he restored them to avoid due punishment from the Council of Old, thus sending himself away with nothing that could be done to bring him back. Corruptus did savage magical experiments in a system which he names after himself, even turning the system's red sun into a corruptive ball that radiates 'Corruptus Radiation' on the planets near enough, primarly Mieber being the closet of which he was hiding in. Corruptus was eventually found cause of the corrupting of the system's sun, and thus, Corruptus was sentenced into separated halves-spirits, one orderly, another chaotic. However, the Corruptus Radiation still remained as it was too powerful to be cured. Later on, outsiders colonized Mieber, and after an event involving the radiation's influence called the Solar Flare War, the world eventually became a world where alcohol, drugs, and even swearing was illegal, as the radiation fed off of things that caused violence. Despite it creating a corrupt Underground comprising of rebellious citizens following an ill-concluded riot, Corruptus, upon his sentence, swore to awaken again.
  • Mustafall- A corrupt sentient Grykron (AUU griffin) and a former member of the Elder Council of Old's main warrior police force, the Agsagord Knights, who used magic swords called Agsagords, to fend off evil. However, being as greedy as the original universe's Ruber, he wanted more yet was denied for so long, he grew impatient and got his hands on the Ciligord, a corrupted and forbidden Agsagord that he successfully duplicated and allowed him to declare a campaign of conquest. He successfully drove the Agsagord Knights to extinction, yet faced a fresh new version that, despite also being destroyed, didn't go out without defeating him as he was sealed deep within the core of Magelio for 500 years until he returned as the energy keeping him there was absorbed by his Ciligords just like the Agsagord energy he absorbed from his slayed Agsagord Knight victims. He then declared a new campaign under an alternate identity, being a kind of Doctor Claw and/or Fire Lord and being anonymous to even his own forces. He sought to find a possible descendant of the Agsagord Knights after hearing of the Last Agsagord Knight and successfully killing him, he failed to obtain his Agsagord Sword as it fell into the hands of his secret daughter, Idola. Despite putting up a challenging fight, Idola successfully slayed Mustafall, absorbed all his stolen energy into her father's Agsagord and calling it the Master Agsagord, and became the New Last Agsagord Knight.
  • Warlement- A boar-like mammal who is the long-ago scourge of the Planet Hepliophus. He is a magic tyrannical potion baron who was a student for the Council of Old who saw dark power in potions, and after disobeying the Council's orders to renounce these forbidden studies, he was exiled. Determined to prove that his work could be of great use, he went to Hepliophus to establish an entire war where entire magic-based energy beings worked for him, and even the Magelio Council were powerless to stop him. They did, however, leave hope for Hepliophus to defend themselves by leaving sources for Vorcebrew Elixirs to be founded and give the inhabitants the power to stand up for themselves. However, Warlement went missing one day, only to have been discovered to have died of being intoxicated by his own brew. He has since became a forgotten long dispatched threat to the point that even his name can't be adequately remembered by the older Magelio users.

Modern-Day Era Enemies

  • Boll Zykes- A former student in Magelio who was expelled from his studies for using his magic powers for personal gain such as tampering with free will by mind-controlling his family into giving him what he wants, and even doing what he wanted with them, and by keeping his girlfriend from breaking up with him, an act of which is severely punishable, and even avoiding the criminal charges faced by harmful and physical actions on even his own mother through mind-control. After violating this so many times, he was placed in Magelio trial and after committing a treasonous act by demeaning and disrespecting the Magelian Council's rules, he was not only robbed of his powers and banished, but everything he ever did with his abuse was undone, and he was sent to jail. After his release, he attempted to make the Council pay for what they did to his life, and after unearthing and acquiring a powerful magical combat attire with two combat wands, magic straps, and a magic crown that grants 100x powerful magical abilities that are capable of terrible things, including corrupting the user. With these at hand, he attempted to destroy Magelio to the point where even the Council couldn't stop him by adapting to every strategy they had, and he almost went through with it until he was easily convinced by an old friend of his in his Magelio studies to stop by reminding him that he was using his powers because he was scared of his own life because of many qualities, including his father's tendency to spank him every chance he got to the point where he was almost sent to jail after he responded one time by attacking him, that he was scared that his 'smartass' sister was attempting to get him sent to jail by pushing him with her annoyance until it leads to an assault charge, and even that his mother was the same way because, after what happened with his father, he wouldn't beat her for either a spank or in response to a 'smartass' remark because if he did, he will be sent to jail. It grew to the point where he was afraid of his own family, and he went to Magelio just to ease his fears, but after so many years of studying, he forgot about it after discovering a powerful and restricted jinx spell and saw it as a way to avoid any consequence as he wished. Filled with regret, he aborted his intentions and turned in the combat attire, easily accepting whatever punishment was coming to him. Though he was admonished by so many people for all the harm he caused, he agreed that, after how guilty and corruptive he saw that magic was to him, he swore that he would never touch magic again, scared of it more than his own family, and thus he left everything he ever knew, concealed his identity, and went to a resort planet where he wouldn't have to worry about causing anymore harm ever again.
  • Screeched Death- A raptor-like creature and formerly a member of the Villains Act before it's disbanding. Starting out on Magelio as the son of a tribal who slayed his family and tribe out of bitterness of denied studies, he was intending to take over Magelio with black magic before the planet's magic crystals teleported him away to protect it with an exile spell. But when he gets magical assistance from the Villains Act to protect him from the exile spell, he nearly succeeded in tainting the crystals until Superius Samantha came in and stood in his way. By tricking him into using all his raw power to try and kill Samantha and exhaust the fuel for his magical protection, he got himself vulnerable again and was exiled into failure again, swearing revenge as a result.
  • Lord Van Der Valver- AKA The Omnic Animal, he is a Leafer and father of Wermit who, after years of oppression and denial for wishes because of it, he went to forbidden arts and was defeated, swearing revenge. Eventually, when his son tried to rat him out after being intolerable of his pointless quest, he failed and was cursed with oppression. After years of failing to find him and force him to undo the curse, he became a lone ranger in an enchanted forest who ended up undoing his curse with true love, allowing him to fight against and accidentally slay his father as he tried to kill him with his animal-based shapeshifting abilities. As the legendary Omnic Animal, he has been known to shapeshift into any sentient, semi-sentient, and non-sentient animal he wishes, easily hiding himself perfectly as he hatched his diabolical plan, even being able to become amalgamations of all of them. He is the AUU version of Lord Von Rothbart.
  • Mischief Maker- A chaotic insane Toshan wizard who has been constantly quelled by the Magelio Students as he wishes only to toy with his former friends that he lost after becoming so mad with the chaotically-potential power that magic has.

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