Magistraighte Dukbil

"I do this to appease the Reproduction Gods and Goddesses."

Magistrate Dukbil is both a relijustus magistrate of his people, former mayor, and noblemen who strongly believes in a reproduction religen that normally is harmless.... Except that it has negitive treatments torword's the LBGT community. Growing up with strong but outdated statements against the conisqunces of going against "ways of reproduction" made him fearful of devinely wrath and/or the collapse of nature cause of the LBGT community. But really, while they aren't productive in turns of making children, they aren't truely dangerious to socity neither, and Dukbil is just over-reacted to outdated testiments! He ends up ignoring the more up-to-date testiments that "all have a right to their belief of sex" being passed around by other Magistraights and strikes out on his own against the rest of the magistraits by going after the LBGT cumminity and had holy guards capture them on sight, to be sent to correction camps to "normalised" them, accusing them of being "mentaly disfuntional" and "afronts" to the gods and goddesses of reproduction. This earned disfavor from even fellow Magistratits for "allowing outdated and xenophobic testiments cloud his judgement" and make him a bad exsample to the Magistrates everywhere, giving them and outside higher-ups fear that they would be punished by the Grand Council for housing Dukbill and the religen would suffer because of testiments meant to be updated. Fortunately, only Dukbil suffered any serious punishments when his own daughter and a straight family that openly defended some gay friends reported his abuse to the Union Against Religious Abuse who caused a revolt against him and he was detrowned as a tyrant, and was taken away by Grand Council forces to be given a cold stay in Oranos, while the religen was spared and allowed to remove it's outdated testiments freely. Dukbil is still confused and misguided why the people turned on him for trying to prevent the gods and goddesses being greatly disappointed in his community to the point they would be horrorably punished, and even more so that the planet has since never suffered any serious punishments for accept the LBGT community by the gods. While he openly hates the Union for turning his daughter and subjects against him, he doesn't want to actselly destroy them cause of his daughter being a member, where having to destroy the union would mean harming his daughter, implying he was only a deludional fool and not a straight-up power hungry maniac, though his xenophobic practices and anti-gay philosifies still justifys a place in Oranos. Cause of some good being found in him, he's among the criminals that maintain a decent relationship with most of the wardens cause he wasn't like most tyrants that were turned in, he was only too negitive and fearful to gays, and espeically earns a friendship with Warden-in-Training Chokera. He has since becoming noticingly softer then when he was taken to Oranos, but hasn't exactly let go of his negitive feelings to the Union yet, and it would take a much greater force to finally make him see true enlightment for him to seek redemption.
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