Magnum the Great

Penelope as Magnum the Great

Magnum the Great, real name Penelope Buzz, is an Alternate UUniversal Hymenovespula from Planet Carbungia. She is a great warrior who was born among a Parliamentary kingdom as an experienced therapist until her fate was changed when she discovered she was chosen to be the wielder of the Diamond of the Ancients. With the help of the Shell Lodge Squad, she fulfills her destiny and helps them take down the Villains Act. She now works for the Heroes Act with her partner, Xandy Wargander. But as time passes, she'll be chosen to take her mother's place as Queen of Hornopolis, and to have her position taken by her younger sister, Pebe Buzz.


Penelope was born in Hornopolis. She used to be driven in anger and killed anyone who teased her. But with the help of a Hymenovespula therapist, she learned to control her anger, and never used her stinger since. Then when she became 16, she had to go through a rite-of-passage which stated that every Hymenovespula must learn all of the basics of therapy. She took a theraputic class, and managed to pass by age 18.

Penelope didn't exactly want to be a therapist even though she accomplished her rite-of-passage. She instead wanted to be a famous hero so she could help the Heroes Act build up enough heroes to stop the Villains Acts growth. One day, she helped a young Serpentinoid named Serpentos (Future Serpentos III) after she got sad about losing her brother to a villain. After Penelope's help, Young Serpentos III was visited by the Spirit of the Diamond, and the spirit told Serpentos that the wasp she met was the Chosen One destined to wield it's diamond for justice. But as the years passed, Serpentos forgot about Penelope, and forgot she was the Chosen One.

Then, during the events of 'The Land Unknown', Penelope, along with her friends, redeemed a villain from evil when he attacked him until she was arrested by Xerxes XX's forces, and her friends were killed. Later on, she met Gilda, who had also been captured. They both become close friends, and they manage to escape together. They make it back to the Shell Lodge, and Penelope eventually learns she is the Chosen One of the Diamond of The Ancients. After Xerxes XX' defeat, Penelope touched the diamond, and she was given a warrior outfit, and the diamond was transformed into a septar with the diamond engraved in it. That was when Penelope became Magnum the Great. And after the fall of the Villains Act, Magnum the Great became a protector of her UUniverses, and occasionally visits the Shell Lodge once in a while.


The Diamond of the Ancients give Magnum various god-like magical powers. She has various abilities such as telekinesis, invisibility, teleportation, telepathy, underwater breathing (Thanks to a magical bubble mask), boosted flying speed, and even the ability to manipulate elements of nature such as weather, electricity, fire, ice, plasma, and light. Non-magical abilities of Magnum include her natural 360-degree vision, her mentioned ability to fly, her experience in combat, and her poisonous stinger containing toxins that cause instant swelling and death. She never uses her stinger unless she has to.

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