Makucha is a cunning and devious leopard from the Backlands just near the Pride Lands. While he has appeared in the episodes of The Lion Guard series before, Makucha becomes the main antagonist of Season 3, starting with the episode "The Harmattan." After hearing from Makini excitedly talking all about the Tree of Life and the rare animals, Makucha uses that info to make a new goal to sneakily follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life so that he could feast on the rare animals, recruiting other animals to do so. He is voiced by Steve Blum (Tom of Toonami and Jindiao).


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Role in the series

Makucha becomes a pawn for Fagin and the Villain League when Janja reforms and agrees to help him destroy the Tree of Life so that the Lion Guard can't return to the Pride Lands and stop the Villain League's invasion in Scarry Night.

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