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Makunga is a member of the Villain League and is the main villain in Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. He wants to become an alpha lion and is Zuba's rival. He has his minion called Teetsi [teet-see]. He looks like Scar from the 1994 animated film, The Lion King, who is also the main villain of the film, with the exception of him being fat. He first appeared when Zuba is teaching Alex a lesson. He wasn't seen at all until the scene in the lion arena, where Alex must fight Teetsi and he gave him The Hat of Shame. When there is no water when the water hole is dried, he told the animals that they can only get water where the humans live, and he called Bobby the Dik-Dik, Shirley. After the dam was destroyed, Nana hits him and calls him the real "Bad Kitty" and was taken away.

Role in the series

Makunga was recruited by the Villain League to serve as one of their ambassadors in the Jungle worlds. this is because other then his clever trickery, and rumored skills as a fighter, however easily bested by Zuba, and Nana, Makunga is one of some villains with no magic or super powers. He also currently has a grudge against his nephew and his friends for defeating him in Africa. also, he befriended Tai Lung and Galaxhar.