Malcolm McXalvage

Malcolm Ovon McXalvage

Malcolm O. McXalvage is an Alternate UUniversal Macorlean from Planet Chronicus. He is known to be an android and the main antagonist of the story of Pixollo. He shares the same backstory to Pixollo, being a delinquent who got killed and was resurrected as an android by BLU-G5. However, unlike Pixollo, he blew his last chance at becoming normal again, and was left to forever be an immortal android. Out of anger and self-regret, Malcolm took his android pain out on everyone else by overthrowing the CEO of a robotics company, became a famed roboticist, and started secretly assimilating misbehaving kids into androids like him so he can make them slaves for his quest to take over Chronicus in a technocratic empire. Upon learning about Pixollo, he attempted to put him in the same situation he went through in order to get him onto his side, and it almost worked if it wasn't for the helpful words of his girlfriend Marxene. He then tried other tactics like quickly trying to get him under his control through a mind-control chip, and even kidnapping Marxene and his father and feeding them to Strutha, a former rogue predatory Whulk that he tamed. When Pixollo prevailed and was rewarded to becoming a human with android abilities, he called out Malcolm and fought him, sending him and his two best cyborg henchwomen, Zarette-17 and Gean-13, to prison. He has been in several other plans of revenge ever since, yet was easily quelled by Pixollo and the Fantasy Council.


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