Maleficence is a Draconequus from Equestria's Draconequus homeland. He and his brothers, Mischief and Strife, used to be followers of Tyranny until they all saw the ways of Wacky and Pranks' peace and happiness. Malfiescence is dim-witted and talks like Rico the Penguin, and during his times of chaos, he was just as destructive as Rico was. But he soon went to using his magic for entertainment just like his other brothers.


Maleficence was born sometime during the Chaos War. He was the last one born with his two brothers, and was raised in a poor family that was trying to help provide for their family by fighting the wars. At that time, Maleficence couldn't speak. All he did was use magic unbelieveably sparsely. Some instances, he couldn't control it. When his parents were destroyed by Alicorn gods, Maleficence and his brothers decided to take their places in the war. When they grew up, they signed up for the Chaos War, and Tyranny didn't seem too interested at first, but when he discovered that the brothers were obnoxious and liked using their magic for personel entertainment, especially Maleficence, who seemed to overload and use his magic unexpectedly, they were deemed perfect for the job, and they fought alongside the many commando Draconequui during the late years of the Chaos War. Mischief became a Major General, Maleficence became a first class Private, and Strife became a Corporal.

Maleficence was an obnoxious fighter. In fact he didn't need to learn fighting skills when his uncontrollable magic could do it for him. He and his brothers were made a team after several minor successes in battle, and for about 2 more years, they have been among the best. But their decisions were changed when they were called into a meeting by Draconequui politician Chancellor Diplomacy, one of Discord's many ancestors, who claims that chaos and war doesn't seem to be giving them the chance to get a land of their own as Tyranny had promised. Instead, it has been leading to destruction, and it is screwing up their entire world. Due to all the wars and the suffering, most of their population is depleting by the minute, and if they didn't think positively soon, they would be wiped out for good. So Chancellor Diplomacy decided that the Chaos War would be coming to an end immediately. Maleficence didn't seem to understand, but after 3 minutes, he seemed to understand, and said his first word: "Okay". So he and his brothers seemed to agree with this, and Strife had briefly been in denial until he thought about his parents. So when Tyranny was defeated, Maleficence and the brothers reformed, and swore to use their magic for happiness and laughter. Maleficence learned to talk pretty quickly, and learned to control his magic thanks to help from his brothers.


  • "LET'S BOOGIE!!! (Magically appears in disco attire, and upbeats) WHOO!!!"
  • "(Makes random gibberish as he plays Icky like a yo-yo) (Icky: HEY QUIT IT?!)"
  • "CHEESE! (Makes a splooge of cheese sauce land on the group)(Twilight: WHAT THE--?!?)(Pinkie: OOH, I LOVE CHEESE!, Pinkie swims across the sauce, gulping it into her mouth) That hits the spot!"
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