Malinda Joshua Gazebo is a Soemmerring's gazelle from Sly Cooper's world who is quite a vexing leader of the Clasher Clan, but one good enough to keep them alive, and though she is mainly hit on by the other members, she is mean and abusive enough to ensure they don't go too far. She has been a former porn star with attractiveness on par with Gazelle who was shunned for it in her later years, and this ultimately ended in a life of thievery when nobody wanted her for a job. She has since built up her career as a thief, and got plenty of members to assist her. She is a very crazy and silly gazelle who takes the misery and suffering of others into entertainment, as well as her career of crime. In a way, she is like Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, but is similar yet differently dressed in Clasher Clan attire.


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