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Mama Binturong

Mama Binturong is a binturong from the world of the Pride Lands. She is from the Stone Forest where she steals and hogs all Tuliza flowers, her favorite food, for herself and terrified the entire forest to not even mention it, stealing any of it with her porcupines. Because the passing Lion Guard need Tuliza flowers to treat Kion, Bunga defeats her, takes back Makini's stolen staff, and Mama Binturong vows revenge against him and his friends for ruining her Tuliza flower pile. Thus after she joins Makucha's army, she becomes the secondary antagonist of Season 3.


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Role in the series

Mama Binturong becomes a pawn for Fagin and the Villain League when Janja reforms and agrees to help him destroy the Tree of Life so that the Lion Guard can't return to the Pride Lands and stop the Villain League's invasion in Scarry Night.