Mama Gunda

Mama Gunda

Mama Gunda is a character and the main adversary from Tarzan II.

Tarzan II

Mama Gunda is the grumpy, vicious mother of Uto and Kago, two dimwitted and vicious gorilla brothers. They live trapped in a canyon, believing the only way out to be blocked by a monster they only know as the Zugor. They have heard it's horrible howling, but never seen it-which is because Zugor is just an elderly male gorilla howling through a log to amplify his voice and make others leave him alone by scaring them off.

When they learn this, Mama Gunda leads her sons to attack and destroy Zugor's home, then moves on to attempt to take over Tarzan's tribe, planning to replace Kerchack as the alpha male of the tribe with her own sons. Being met partway by Kala, some young gorilla babies, Tarzan and Zugor, there is a brief scuffle, during which Zugor accidentally lets spill that he thinks Mama Gunda has beautiful eyes-and they immediately fall for each other. Mama Gunda then orders her sons to stop fighting, and tells them that they shall never fight with anyone again before leading them off to rebuild Zugor's home so they can all live together as their own little tribe.

Role in the series

In the Spongebob series, Mama Gunda is a member of Team Nefarious, but only for the moviesode which she appears in. Currently, she is half-reformed due to her love of Zugor redeeming herself.

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