Man Vulture

The Devious Man-Vulture.

Mandreious Vul-Turea, The Man Vulture, is a netourious (But almost obscured to the United Universeals) monsterious, well, man vulture, that is a currently unvanguished threat of Equestia almost to the same level as Nightmare Moon, but like Aoesoutal to daring doo, another potainional threat, he is keep from being entirely like that by Spitfire, the Wonderbolts, and the result of the re-founding of EUP Guard. He was formerly a brillient but kinda extremest griffin genius (convinetly with vulture-like features) that offered to Celestia a few times about exselerating the evolution, making ponies physically stronger against the return of Nightmare Moon (Possability one of the few people Celestia trusted well enough to know the truth about it) and become super-powered, bipedal beings. Unicorns can have stronger magic. Pegisi can have larger wing sizes for stronger control over rouge storms. Earth Ponies can have a more physical prowless, meaning effisent harvesting. Celestia was admitingly curious of what this doctor had to offer, but, wanted to know if it works. Manreious offers to test it on himself... Big mistake. His vulture side began to erase any traditional griffen linage, morthing him into a dark, very hard to look at beast. Disgusted by his newfound hidious figure, Mandreious screams at Celestia to not look at him?! He was nothing but a monster! Celestia begged and offered to help him fit into socity irreguardless of his, "unquite" condition. Mandreious refused, and escaped! Celestia feared his newfound hatred, even on only himself, will corrupt him into becoming a villain, and seek dark methods to congure, or even annlialate all of socity, out of fear and the illusion that no one will understand him, and thus, Mandreious became the secret reason why the EUP was re-established. The result of Mandreious' newfound form inadvertingly made him super-long living, practicly an artifictal immortal. This as a result, made him a continuing trouble, espeically when he allied with Gargoyles, creatures that resurfaced apawn the banishment of Nightmare Moon, Mandreious, calling himself now as Man-Vulture, convinced King Geogre to make him co-king of the Gargoyles, in return to bring Equestia back to the control of the gargoyles, in light of a controverseal history concerning a long forgotten Pony/Gargoyle wars when the ponies of the old world went to live in Equestia as "The new world", to ever since, seek to congure Equestia! However, Spitfire's line, and the Wonderbolts in general, prove to be a strong, preventive factor against such a thing, thanks to the gargoyles never reconise the ponies so confindent before, and because the Spitfire line is an incredaly tough line of pegisi ponies. Eventally, when Spitfire got into the picture, she was no different. However, eventally, came a disgraced brother named Acid Burn, got thrown out for an accsidental death of a respected drill sargent while he was trying to stop a Dragon from destroying the acadamy, found himself easily malmitulated by Man Vulture, insisting that "Fellow Outcasts, stick togather.", earning him a pony ally to use against Spitfire. But when he heard rumors of two espeically powerful ponies, Rainbow Dash, a element of harmony legend, and Lightning Dust, a member of the fabled dust clan, he certainly wants to ensure he gets them on HIS side, so his chances to get Equestia in his grip is an incrised likelyhood, but can he even succeed?
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