Mana Magic is an Alicorn Goddess from Equestria and the God of Magic. She is a sentient manifestation of magic and used to be a normal Alicorn until taking a bath in her creation, the Magic Pool that brings magic across the Hasbro Universe, making her a stronger goddess and enough to take her mother's place as the Goddess of Magic. Living in a large paradisiac natural swimming hole in a cascading waterfall where she practiced and meditated with her magic and was one of the only Alicorns to persevere in fighting against the Draconequui in the Chaos Wars, and she didn't get killed when defeating Tyranny. However, what rendered her into having lost her body was when she ended up dying of morality illness when she believed she lost her boyfriend, Death Coffin and ended up feeling betrayed by her fellow pony friends, and leaving her soul to be contained within a manifestation in the form of a rainbow-colored magical rock only referred to as the Rainbow Rock, which ended up in the procession of uncorrupted Diamond Dogs.


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