Master Mangris

Mangris, real name Mongi Trong, is an Alternate UUniversal Mangris from Planet Zo. He was of an underground insect zaibatsu formed from an oppression of insects for their infestations and picky nature, and he left it when he swore a better life by being a warrior, but many qualities of his former life were still apparent including impatience, which was made worse by his naturally slow perception of the world until he had to learn patience by being trapped in a cage by giant crocodilian bandits and faking them out, and became a better warrior, which lead him to being paired with Trigress, Andane, Ruuber, and Kongin, as they were roped accidentally into a mission to stop Bor Dong and became the Fury Five and later joining the Clam Lounge Squadron. He is the AUU version of Mantis.


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