Mangshe is a Reticulated python from the Kung Fu Panda World. Mangshe is a reknown genius who used chi in ways unconventional to chi master as she was able to combine chi with early science to basicly start the makings of Dreamworks China having tecknowagey. Mangshe was from the Four Constellations City, and was found by Jade Tusk after Mangshe's scienceafyed chi allowed her to defeat swarms of invading Japanese Hornets from making rogue conquest with the use of a chi powered bug zapper. Her sciencetific mind made her suitable for Tusk to train to become the new Blue Dragon for having intelligence and potaintional to be a leader. However, by the time of judging in the city-owned Constellation Temple where the spirits of the constellations were present, just when it looked like Jade's choosen four were gonna be shoo-ins, the original Four declined in due to the actions of Tusk's cousin, the emperor of china himself, commiting an act of genoside against the River Dolphins over bad polotics. Thus, when Jade Tusk tried to assassinate her own cousin for ruining her, Mangshe and the other could've been constellations had to go and stop her, even with some close calls. Eventually, they were able to subdue her when Tusk finally broke into tears when she realised the irony of her actions in only proving the original Constellations' point. Mangshe took a brief moment to scrutanise Kun Lao for what he has done, telling him that if he doesn't shape up or at least find someone who will redeem his sins, Tusk would not be the only time he would be nearly killed. Mangshe then was able to get everyone out of the imperial palace before soldiers would arrive to punish Tusk, prefering to have her be a matter for the city. As such, Tusk was punished with her removeal as Chi Master for attempted murder of an Emperor, and was banished from the temple. However, even after what occured, Manshe and the other students still show compassion for the troubled Tusk, which is why when Tusk ended up going down the wrong way with other temple members after The Jade Cult took over, they kept her on the straight and narrow even when in the midst of Jindiao.

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