Crospen Oriife Kolarazz, AKA Manipulatus

Crospen O. Kolarazz, AKA Manipulatus, is an Alternate UUniversal Yatoran from Planet Ehswadus. He is a super criminal mastermind and former brilliant scientist and a member of a rare breed of Yatorans simply known as the Kooladytes, which were made famous for not only introducing to the Yatorans the gift of magic, but also for having skills far greater than any Yatoran, which vary in each individual. He was known for, in a misunderstood way, trying to encourage the AUU to 'accelerate the evolution' of lesser Teadr level races for the AUU's betterment and to bring all worlds into the future. Crospen overly sympathizes with the troubles of lesser Teadr beings that higher level technology can resolve in literally minutes. He advocated for the encouragement of sharing technology to lesser Teadr beings. However, his well-meaning attempts are considered 'misguided and unintentionally-dangerous' and some even argued that interfering with their evolution would make them 'evolve badly' and would only serve to hurt them more. Not to mention the kind of thing Crospen was after would also benefit dishonest profiteers and 'false gods' into tricking lesser Teadr beings to give their money/loyalty to them had Crospen been able to see through his goals. Crospen, however, accused the USRA and many other critics of being 'ignorant and anti-progressively fearful' and uncaring to lesser Teadr troubles, and has disappeared and was never seen ever since. But the reason why he was gone was because he became 'Manipulatus', then proceeded to mind-warp the former tribal community of Ralo to quickly become a Teadr 3 planet thanks to his meddling, and to ensure the curious doesn't come in and discover him, the Ralooms became anti-social jerks under his inherited magical mind-control abilities due to being one of the Kooladytes capable of accurately using a mind-control spell. Crospen created a special suit to wear which would have his body pumped with life-extension serums to keep him artificially-young and immortal through resetting his lifespan when he gets old, giving him an 'eternal messiah' status to the Ralooms. Then, due to the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council outlawing what he's doing, it became especially important for him to keep his existence as secretive as possible, but at the same time, plans to find a way to be rid of the laws against introducing technology, to avoid being arrested and his work being undone, and would leap at even the riskiest of chances to see this through.


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  • "Oh, so I'M the bad guy for trying to help lesser races become like the higher level races? To help them became even the next Yaterons? To enable them to stand well against any future problem even we can't face alone? That's somehow a crime? It's a short-sighted anti-progressive shame, really."
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