"This is mine le person-nal space, girl! STAND BACK?!"

Mante Leblanc
is a praying mantis crony of Frances le Flour. While he may be a good henchmantis, he's not very bright. He can be stupid 55% of the time, and end up making mistakes when it comes to helping his boss. Interestingly, dispite being french, he has chinese herratage, and may or may not have some distent relations with a certain kung fu master of the furious five. He was a victim of an abusive relationship with a particulary volient mantis that was none other then Su Xu Quio, who back then was somewhat of a less evil mantis, but she had poor knowledge on how to properly handle the relationship, and being pregnet for the first time, helped very little. She ended up mistreating Mante very badly to the point she did great physical harm, including cutting off his claw, snipping of an anntena, and punching his eye so hard, it became perimentaly purple and blind. Mante, already having the male mantis naterol fear of their female superiors, became trumatised of females in general, and devorced her, as she fell victim to a madness of her own, vowing to never lose a husband ever again. Mante fell victim of darkness of his own, becoming a genderphobe of women in general (but not enough he would become, gay. Just that he would stay single for good), eventally leading him to sign up to become part of Madam Deces' sex slave trade, giving him the oppertunity to make women fear him as he feared Su Xu. His replacement claw, though not sharp enough to completely pierce skin as a weapon, is handy at unlocking locks and stripping off the straps of bras.


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