Mantrek is an Equantican creation of the evil shark sea witch Geogra. He is a ray-like humanoid made from the DNA of humans and other sea creatures, along with other parts being magic in nature, creating a more frightening version of Evil Manta who has a more frightening voice than Tim Curry, having a brooding voice of Jon Voight. Geogra created him as one of her weapons that previously attacked Equantica for not just a campaign for conquest, but also to find clues as to the whereabouts of the Pearl containing the soul of the Alicorn God of the Sea, Princess Maricolous, hoping that harnessing the power within will give her unfathomable power. However, Mantrek proved to be a rogue creation and wanted all that power for himself, and almost destroyed her trying to get it until she had him imprisoned. However, following her death in The Seas of Captain Legend Part 2, her magic not only undid everything evil she did, but that included her imprisonment of Mantrek, freeing him and allowing him to take all the power she had. Gaining two shark henchmen named Lagan and Derelict, who are all like combinations of Flotsam and Jetsam, Undertow, and Cloak and Dagger, and both have equally-intimidating voices to their master. He has been in the shadows for years since Geogra's defeat, hoping to step up his game and not end up like his creator. Thus, as years pass, and when Princess Marenia Typhoonica has a child named Harmony, he sees this as an opportunity, especially when her friendship with Princess Skystar, the daughter of Seaquestria's ruler and guardian of the Pearl of Maricolous, reveals it's location automatically for him. Thus, when he makes himself known, things will go in deep water when he enlists help from The Storm King, who secretly wishes to get revenge on Seaquestria for being involved in his first defeat, and thus has Mantrek as a pawn to his schemes which he will later betray through imprisonment in ice while he uses all he gains for himself.


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