Mapato is a blue wildebeest from the Pride Lands and the nephew of the long-deceased Hasira, the infamous wildebeest who lead a revolution of all Pride Landers to exile all the hyenas to the Outlands/Elephant Graveyard, including The Pure Hyenas, and died trying to get a personal vendetta settled. After his uncle died when he was just a calf, he grew up swearing to take over the Pride Lands from the lions so they can run the Circle of Life their way, growing an intense hatred of predators and believes they all belong in the Outlands while only herbivores belong in the Pride Lands, blaming them for Hasira's death, and not just hyenas, seeing separating predators and prey to different lands balances order, not realizing that doing so is a severe disruption to the Circle of Life. He has two assistants to help his cause: Ibilisi, a gelada dark mjuzi who believes that the Circle of Life should be broken to fix flaws and start over because of the Hyena-Lion feud, and Fujo, a yellow-casqued hornbill and former friend of Zazu's mother Zuzu who agrees with Mapato's views.


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