Marcilene the Marvel

Mar Chi Lee

Mar Chi Lee
, AKA Marcilene the Marvel, is an Alternate UUniversal Toorath from the Planet Zo. She is a skilled, agile, and quick warrior who took martial arts, and mastered it in only a year due to having learned many moves by watching ninja cartoons. She managed to handle all kinds of weapons, and became a ninja vigilante. She managed to save Zo from an evil Villains Act warrior named Fu So Blu many years ago.


Mar Chi was born on Planet Zo, and was surrounded almost entirely of Zoons. She was even raised by Zoons when her biological parents died during the Interuniversal War. As she matured, she learned how to do excellent ninja moves by just watching them on cartoons. But some of them were hard to do with her tall slender body. So she decided to take lessons in Tueintsu (A Zoian version of Ninjutsu) to fix this problem.

She showed talent in on the first day, and her cinse taught her the greatest moves in Tueintsu. In no time at all, when she learned to move her slender body quick enough, she perfectly managed to do the moves in the cartoon. Using these new styles of fighting, she won many Tueintsu awards, and was made a great fighter. It didn't take long before she decided to go out and use her new moves responsibly. She stopped her first crime without any weapons, and decided to get more equipped the more she did it.

Soon enough, Mar Chi got her first real challenge when she met an evil mastermind from the Villains Act named Fu So Blu. He was a master of an Alternate UUniversal martial art that pushed a person to super-strong levels. However, when she first battled him, she discovered she was no match for him and his super-strength when he injures her. Fu So was planning to gain access to an ancient and high-tech Zoan sword called the Xaron Energy Blade, a blade as powerful as a lightsaber, and could cut through any melee weapon, could destroy a gun with one swipe, and could be amplified by rage.

While Fu So does manage to find the sword, he is effortlessly stopped by Mar Chi when she finds an exact duplicate of the sword when it turns out that the sword wasn't just ancient, it was an advancement in Zoan technology, and had only 5 duplicates hidden throughout the AUU, and used by only the most ancient and wisest of heroes. Fu So and Mar Chi begin an epic duel across the rooftops of the town until they make it to the top of the tallest building, the Xlaowin Tower. Fu So and Mar Chi were surprisingly fast and swift, but Fu So was beaten after he loses the sword, and falls to his assumed death, when he actually used a teleporting device to save himself, and is yet to return.

Since then, Mar Chi was named a great hero, and called herself Marcilene the Marvel. This accomplishment would soon make her an ideal candidate for the Heroes Act.


Marcilene is a strong fighter, being a master of Tueintsu (A Zoian martial art which is their own version of Ninjutsu). She also has a long sticky tongue which she uses for retrieving objects, or sometimes for swinging, she can breathe underwater, and she can jump 8ft in the air. She can even stick to surfaces like a gecko, and has amazing stamina, flexibility, and durability.

She wields a double-bladed energy spear, which has the same effectiveness as a Halo energy sword. With her flexibility and strength, she can swing this spear faster than any other Tueintsu master. It generates electricity, and can block blasterfire. She even wields a pocket blaster that does a great deal of damage.

Her UIS Identity, Escapene Hwong, is a UIS creature called an Axolog, an axolotl-crested frog that can secrete chemicals based on their environment. She can use this to create toxic punches and launch the chemicals as an armosis projectile, while also being armed with primitive but advanced-crafted weapons like a bow and arrow, and a staff barbed with blades.

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