Mark Phaser

Mark Phaser

Mark J. Phasller is an Alternate UUniversal Cunone from Planet Cunoone. He was the former second-in-command of the Cunone Praetorian Guard and has just as much skill as his brother, the leader of the Guard General Phaser, yet had a very angry and envious vendetta against not only his brother, but his own race over not being the one to rise to glory. Mark was always envious of Phaser, because not only did he fail to keep his position as next in line to run the Praetorian Guard because of his envy, pettiness, and pride, but his brother's success lead him being the one who wins the heart of a girl Mark had admired since his younger days. Thus he became a renegade officer who committed terrible deeds including killing criminals, committing terrorist-like deeds, among other barely justifiable methods, and all in the name of justice. After his brother and Emperor Brundel Tankoru admonished him for his fanaticism, before he could be arrested, he used his own skill to successfully escape before his equipment could even be confiscated, thus he became an antihero who, while attempting a terrorist act of revenge against his brother and race, did heroic actions, albeit in the same fanatical way. In his revenge, he recruited several Pharcum rogues to act as a personal army so he can one day seek his revenge. He went to the point of being a misanthropist to his own people and has gone quite nihilist to the extent that even him saying absolutely nothing makes you scared. This lead to him becoming an ally to the struggling Villains Act remnants aligned with ICC Exelbrok, through not by all means as a true member as he is not at all impressed by 'the follies of those VA jokes', only getting involved as a means to gain additional firepower support and nothing more serious than that.


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