Master 98, the dispicable chad

the Cruel Master 98

Master 98 is another new Villain Sue created by Scroopfan, who was angry about most of his entires on Pooh's Adventures wiki being rewritten or erased by an unregistered user named, who apparently didn't like the Spongebob and Spyro series and wanted to keep things in the Pooh way, not the Scroopfan way. Angered at this, Scroopfan decided to mock 98 by making him into a clone of Jafar and Lord Faarquad, acting exactly like both villains just for the fun of it, with a mixed of an evil comical villain, noted in his video when random stuff appeared as he sang, and some how managed to conjour up a dancing hat and cane. Master 98's name comes from Master Pharaoh 90, and his personality and backstory come from the two villains mentioned above, his demon minions being ripoffs of Iago and the devils from Night on Bald Mountain. It should be mentioned that as long as is still in Pooh's Adventures wiki and changing all of Scroopfan's articles, Scroopfan will continue to keep using this character to mock him for he is very emotional and can get really upset and angry over very minor problems that come his way. Master 98 is an example of his over-reacting nature. If 98 is still alive, then Scroopfan will use him in the season 1 finale called Spongebob and friends in the Wrath of Master 98, a fan film project not based on any pre-existing film from Disney or WB, or any other media.

Master 98's only purpose in the series is to be evil and get rid of Scroopfan's entries on Pooh's Adventures Wiki, for he beleaves that the Spongebob and Friends series and the Spyro spin-off is not "Perfection".

Right now, Scroopfan's having second thoughts on actually making the Wrath of 98 because the user has stopped activity so far, and that Scroopfan's matured from his anger.

The ballad of Master 98

The ballad of Master 98.

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