Master Algorithm

Master Jorgon Algorithm

aster Jorgon Algorithm
is a Superior Komodo dragon who is the planetary ruler of Kratos. He is about 500 years old thanks to robotic implants like Clockwerk. For years, he has tried to reshape his home planet so that he could create a large supercontinent which he would name Superiogea. This would make life for Superiors much better, even if it meant that some Superiors would die. His powers include super-strength, super-flight, super-endurance, omnilingualism, psychometry, teleportation, X-ray vision, heat vision, psychic shield, and telekinesis.
  • MCode: HvOllPshPsySeSfSsTpoTk


Jorgon Algorithm was born on Planet Kratos during the time of the First Cartoonian War. It was not easy for his mother, Winita Algorithm, to lay her egg because they were under attack by Chernibog and the Darkspawn. When the egg was laid, it had to be placed in a protective incubator made of an adamantium alloy. However, it was almost destroyed if it wasn't for the High council of old.

After his hatching, Jorgon was raised in the governmental environment that his parents lived in as mentors of Grotch Prometheus when he was still ruling. Jorgon was destined to be the new ruler of Kratos. Throughout the years following Jorgon's childhood, Kratos was in peace and harmony, and was a big attraction for other worldly visitors. Jorgon was very playful and joyful to the citizens of Kratos for his widely popular abilities of teleportation and telekinesis. Jorgon was very good at hide and seek with his teleportation ability, and he was very talented at building blocks with his telekinesis.

When Jorgon became 19 years old, he had realized that his father, Ezekiel Algorithm, was complaining about Kratos' government being weakened by poor attraction, and high unemployment. Ezekiel realized that the perfect way to fix this problem is to perform an operation called Operation: Continential Drift, which would link all the continents on Kratos together so that Superiors would get around quicker, creating greater employment, and that the supercontinent would bring more other worldly visitors. Problem is, this was not his true plan. He was really gonna summon a powerful god-like statue of Kratos to link the contreys togather, but thanks to a complincated conspiracty, he ended mistaking a rejected war weapon plan for what was needed to unite Kratos and at this point, had troubled memory so he couldn't rekindised it as such and foolishly accepted it as what he intended. However, before Ezekiel could initiate it, he began to get sick. He had gotten cancer and had only 2 weeks to live.

Jorgon had been ordered to take his father's place after his death. But Winita had recently got a heart attack, and had died as well. And when Ezekiel finally dies, and Jorgon took both their positions, Jorgon decided to continue Operation: Continential Drift for his father. However, Grotch had figured it out, and had ordered the operation to be cancelled for the operation was too dangerous, but neglected to say WHY because he assumed Jorden already knew that it was a weapon, but he really didn't. Cause of it, Jorgon continued it anyway, and created a machine that would initiate the operation.

It took two years to complete the machine, but Jorgon still finished the job. However, on the exact moment the device was activated, massive earthquakes appeared worldwide. The earthquake that the superiors would call 'The Big Shake' had struck. Thousands of superiors had died, and destruction occured all over the world. Jorgon couldn't deactivate the device, and had almost died. The Big Shake lasted a week until the Earth Manipulation Agency had stopped it successfully. The earthquake machine had been destroyed, and thanks to the fact that Jorden was found too far away from the site, nobody knew nor realise that Jorgon was responsible, not even Grotch. Everyone ended up assuming some unknown maniac placed it there to try and destroy the goverment for a debatable reason, not realising it could do more then that. Jorgon was concerned about what he had done, and soon became convinced that he made a mistake on accomplishing the operation. So then he decided to find other ways to form the supercontinent his father wanted.

With the Big Shake came The Kratosian Civil War, which Grotch had trouble helping the survivors of the earthquake. But when a large community of criminals have started making a living smuggling resources like food and water, and used it to manipulate the people. This in turn caused corruption from competition for resources. Grotch was unable to keep this in check, and he couldn't stop a war from being sparked. The leader being Lord Kilopann Genocide, who is also the leader of the smuggling community, caused a war that lasted for several years as dozens of Superiors demanded resources from them. When the War's history mysteriously changed and Lord Kilopann was defeated, and order had been restored by a hero named Corbin Paradox, Grotch was made a greater leader, and soon moved his position as leader to Jorgan.

As hundreds of years passed, and Jorgon kept himself alive by replacing his body with biomechanical machinery, he continued his research in efforts to successfully create the supercontinent. Then came the day Ororo Joltzen realized his plan in efforts to get payback for illegalizing her ability to borrow powers from other superiors with her friends, thinking it was done out of malice, failing to realise he actselly done it as a well-intentioned attempt to protact her from The Mimic Cult. Master Algorithm had caught them before they could warn everyone, erased their memory, and placed Ororo in exile on Planet Paradisa. This gave him an idea. He decided that the only way to successfully create the supercontinent is to become all-powerful, which was against the Kratos laws to become all-powerful. When Master Algorithm realized this, he hired his biochemist assistant Aaron Solaris to find a way to make him all-powerful so he could finally accomplish Operation: Continential Drift. Forunately, Karma has a way to make one reconsider one's life choices, and was it gonna make Algor reconsider in a BIG way.


Jorgon is a very powerful superior ruler. His biomechanical machinery make him almost immortal. He has incredible strength, able to bench press 1000 lbs, and lift over 100,000 lbs, which is one of the main reasons why he is the current ruler of Kratos. He is capable of super-flight with his highly-developed cape, and is capable of remaining active for 24 hours without getting tired.

Jorgon is also skilled in many other superpowers. He is able to teleport within a second, and has the ability to levitate objects with his mind. But he is also able to use his powerful mind to become fluent in an infinite number of languages, and is able to learn an object or person's information by touch, as well as past, but not future. His powerful mind is also capable of being immune to any telepathic empathy, giving him full immunity from mind-control or telepathy. He is also able to see through objects with his X-ray vision, and melt objects with his heat vision.

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