Master Bross

Master Bink Lugeau Bross

Master Bink L. Bross, anonymous name Secret Founder B, is an Alternate UUniversal Alganor from Planet Zirciania. He is a former chancellor for Peerbon who provided currency for the planet's Globex facilities, as well as the ones for his home planet. He was also a good friend of CEO Backer Stabbington before he created Corruption Co., and he was just as protested for being prone to being exactly like him. And they were right. The protests increased the risk of him losing his job, and when he tried to step up his game, he ended up committing a crime by causing a rumor that made a well-respected protest leader look like a terrorist fanatic. But it was disproven and discredited right away thanks to the enforcers knowing better, and Bross got fired for conspiracy. Blaming society, Bross helped create the Villains Act and Corruption Co. with Backer. Bross was made the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of Corruption Co.. He helped Techno Tarold get the power to nearly revolutionize Corruption Co., and to this day, is still at large. He is a cousin to Matrix.


Bross was born on Zirciania as the son of a single father from an extended family who worked as the Zircianian Globex scientist. He grew up and gained a master's degree in quantum mechanics and robotics, and joined Globex as both a scientist and a financier of the robotic technologies. The only problem was, he made friends with Backer Stabbington, and he went from a decent boy to a selfish man who is all about money, which isn't viewed pleasantly since the Globex Infernus Rule prohibits this. As a result, Bross became greatly unpopular by most of his family except for his weak-willed cousin, Madron (Who would eventually become Matrix), and his kind-hearted brother who had hoped to change that way of thinking.

Years later, Bross ascended to be among the many financial advisors, he is still the family's black sheep, and after making friends with someone who later becomes one of the most controversial employees of Globex, he was constantly hit with protests that demand he gets removed and replaced. He felt it wasn't fair that he got abused by the public because he was just being a good financial adviser for the good of Globex, and asks for his bosses to stop the protests, but they refuse since they can't go against the public and says that he's responsible for the protests alone, angering Bross. Soon, Bross's protest problems, as well as repeated complaints from employees and higher-ups, he was suddenly facing the threat of being replaced by his brother. But Bross wouldn't let that happen since he appreciated his position in Globex. So he made and spread a rumor around the city about the leader of the protesters was planning to kill Bross through fanatical means of blowing him up with a destructive weapon because he had a questionable teenage life with his aggression and his violence. But the public, the protesters and enforcers were not easily fooled by this because they knew that the protest leader had known better than that, even more so since he was a known pacifist and once protested against the use of bombs. Bross had only made things worse for himself with this thoughtless choice, and he got fired from Globex, and the protesters came and beat him up as payback. His wounds got infected, and parts of his body were amputated by his brother who couldn't stand to let him die, and replaced his limbs with cybernetics. Bross had gotten angry, blaming the people, the protesters, his bosses, Globex, and society itself for not being more 'sympathetic' on him because of the 'anti-corporate progressive' Infernus Rule, and against his brother's pleas to reconsider his way of thinking for good, ran away from home and fled to Peerbon, where he heard that an empire was forming, and Backer joined him along the way.

On Peerbon, Bross and Backer helped finance the power of the Villains Act with their money and technology, and they aided in the takeover of Peerbon. Bross was made a CAO and CTO of Corruption Co., and was one of the many founders of the Villains Act. It would be a few years until he would help Techno Tarold become an asset to CC with his prototypes and power, despite the fact that their plans for his technology failed thanks to the actions of his daughter and a traitorous colleague. When the VA fell, Bross fled from Peerbon with Backer, and the two had established their new head CC HQ on Goalax with the Dark Radicals.

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