Master Bun Knee

Master Bun Knee

Master Bun Knee is an Alternate UUniversal Gabnit from Planet Jerlaildo. He is a reknowned advocate for 'seeking enlightenment without gods' and established the 'Religions Without Gods' (RWG) Group, along side his kiss-up assistant and yesman Sir Duc Kee. He believed that making religions with gods in them opens them up to be 'easy to offend' by jokes and ridicule that often didn't meant real harm or offense or cause of religious conflict, and makes the religion responsible for the likes of dangerous rogue individuals and the causing of unnecessary otherwise-avoidable wars. He used the 'Church of Normality' as a common example because they had declared genocide on a genetically-enhanced community because they believed it was against their gods. However, he ended up falling victim to an inquisition group called 'The Hunters of Blasphemy', lead by the treacherous and sadistic Inquisitor Leader Kooge. The Union Against Religious Abuse, which Bun Knee himself had great admiration for, in inspiring him, came to his rescue and disbanded the HOB due to their threats of trying to aim after the Union. Bun soon joined the UARA to serve as a kind of 'ambassador' and a quick friend of Inigo Jr where he helped convince least-dangerous religious leaders to help resolve conflicts easily without the need of unnecessary violence, and if necessary, easily convince the populus about the hypocrisy of those who claim that hurting people and subugating rights for their misconception of the greater good is 'not what your gods had in mind on how their names should be honored'. Bun prefers not to be a fighter and is strictly against firearms, thinking that all they do is advocate more unnecessary violence. He only gets involved in missions where violence isn't 'necessarily required'.


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