Carnamarch 'Carm' G. Equinox, AKA Master Equinox, is an Alternate UUniversal Xulture from Planet Keuca. He is a former Keubric and former veteran soldier who joined a communist group that he'll become leader of and change into The Equalists to correct the deviding of his people and the Keucans, which resulted in his people having a bad reputation to neightbering worlds, espeically worlds that originally gave Keuca trouble in the past. Equinox didn't want to be part of a devided culture and be symbolised into hatred, so he left the millaterry and vanished without a trace. He gotten involved with a communist splinter cell that's been around longer then even before the nations devided, members are made from each of the Keubrics and Keucans. A retiring leader offered Equinox the position of leader in his place after being touched and moved by his story of personal woe and sorrow of being seperated from his true love, a Keucan, because of the incompidence of the goverments, but under the condiction of making sure the splinter group's new mission stays enturnal, the passing leader figuring that Equinox is not for much longer for the world. So, Equinox was subugated into project "Mut-borg-necro-god", a controveseral series of exspeariments meant to turn people into the ultamate warrior, through mutantion, cyberconnection via nanobots, necromancy, even being injected with powerful blessed sacriviceal blood from a Blood Founton from the planet's primitive days before the birds arrived, to turn Equinox into the abomination he is now, and he has since now has been given the first unrecorded case of artifictal immortality. He then recalled one of the things that made him leave his people outside of the devision: his reckless goverment's unhealthy fasionation for Astro-Lasers and plans to use them against Keuca's neightering foes and problem givers. As such, he has the now named Equilists to steal the one of the many badly hind-sightedly cloned skemetics for Astro-Lazers, and used it to frame the Keubrics of pre-maturely attacking a planet that troubled them. Only instead, it's to neuter the Astro Laser's power to only be enough to cause moon-eqsed craters on the remote parts of the planet, great enough to cause uproars and outcrys, but not enough to demonised the Keubrics and risk an even worser war. Luckly, thanks to the Keubrics not exactly being innosent when a rival planet was reported to be harmed by "a weaker astro-lazer attack", thanks to the Equilists, the Legion butted in and canceled the Keubrics' hopes to have respect and power over their enemies, which unintentionally made the Astro-Laser Crisis to be more then just about the one insodent the Equilists made, but it did served to be an exsample why the Keubrics and the Keucans should've never disloved their unionship, which is why Equinox was pleased to hear that the aftermath of the mess lead to the fact that the Keubrics halted the planetary feud with the Keucans as a result cause of fears of the Keubrics plans to use the lasers against them when really even the Keubrics wouldn't dare use astro lasers against them ON THEIR OWN PLANET, along with mundane reasons like because it was being a waste of money, the frame worked so well that it kept the Equilists very obscured. However, this meant that they must keep that vale of obscurity since their intional Astro Laser was destroyed by the Legion when it was sent into space to finish it's first and since then only mission, and that the outburst from the Keubrics almost risked their discovery had it not been for the one brace soldier who ultamately stood up to his angry superior and had the Keubrics regain their sense of commen sense, and they must remain obscured to keep the illution that it was the Keubric's own doing, where risking another insodent will raise questions. During that time, a simular astro laser of same limited power but structutilly stronger has been in the drawing boards. In the midst of this, Equinox's soul-mate was captured by the Equilists and kept cryogenticly frozen to prevent her from being taken by time. Many years pass, and though many members change throughout the years, the Equilists' leader, stayed the same: Master Equinox. He and the group are still persueing the chance to unite the Keucans and the Keubrics through the neutered Astro-Laser plans, and they have done it even without VA assistence, Equinox prefering not to risk knowledge of the Astro-Laser and it's skematics to fall into morally questionable hands (In Equinox's eyes), also the fact that being obscured means that even the VA doesn't realise they exist, with Equinox not viewing himself as a villain in a basic sense, though understanding his actions are far from heroic, he only wishes to be the secret hero that unites the devided nations and brings peace, even if through in a controverseal and morally askewed way. Imagine him looking like the cross between the Songbird from Bioshock Infinite and General Grivious.


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