Master Ganali

Master Curtar Penga Ganali

Master Curtar P. Ganali is an Alternate UUniversal Spintasaur from Planet Ibrjuna. He is an experienced warrior of diplomatic origin who was fascinated by machinery, and wanted to win an election for the replacement of his father's place as an Ibrjunian Diplomatic Councilor so he could introduce new technological ideas for a more-modernized government. However, his more pacifistic brother was chosen instead. Sparked with jealousy, and blinded by ambition that lead to a loss of morality, Ganali killed him and made it look like an accident with help from the Villains Act, proclaiming himself the replacement Councilor, and turning the government into a technocracy in which machines and technological companies had the most authority over the people, and it's President was Ganali, having diplomatic immunity to even the Alpha Feds. But when it is revealed that he was responsible for his brother's death, he was kicked off his own home planet, and he and his robotic soldiers retreated from imprisonment. After years of building a new technocratic empire of his own, he decided that his first target was the weakest and most less-defensive world he could find, which was Sioephus. After briefly converting a local city into his first foundation where he attempted to both take over the other cities in the area, and to search for the forgotten blueprints of an illegal human war machine, he was soon beaten by Byron Buster. He has yet to return.


Curtar was born on the ecumenopolis planet of Ibrjuna as the son of a single Ibrjunian Diplomatic Council father, whereas his mother died at childbirth. He also had a brother named Jarter who seemed to be much more intelligent and gentlemanly than Curtar. Instead, Curtar was a little too gentlemanly, being a bit of a germophobe, and was pretty fascinated by technology and science. He dreamed of taking his father's place as a Councilor and modernizing his community to the next level. He spent most of his childhood tinkering with machinery, but most of his inventions malfunctioned. He hoped he would get better in time. And he pretty much did. He apparently took some inspiration from a documentary on a warfare robot that he successfully made his own version at age 14, naming it a 'Patron'. But his father didn't want him to let this be of concern to their military since they're just as fine without it.

Then when his father died of a terminal illness, the Council made an election for which one of his sons would take his place. Jarter promised an improvement in banking, political movements, and a way to prevent any wars from happening on their planet. Curtar, on the other hand, promised an alternate way of peace: his Patron Robot which had enough potential to keep wars from erupting through surveillance, skill, and intelligence, and programming to only execute if need be. However, the military preferred to keep the place peaceful in a less-violent way, and the people agreed when they elected Jarter to be the winning candidate. He seemed to do better than Curtar would've done. But this made Curtar jealous and angry that his dream hadn't come true. Becoming blind with ambition that began to shatter his sense of morality and decenty from feeling inadiqete cause of the people appearently having issues of having robot enforcers. Although, that fact that he included the promise of survelence and possable death sentence by enforcer useage, may have something to do with factors that worked against him. He feels robbed of his childhood ambition, and desided that his overly-favered competitor needs to go by death, sadly forgetting that his overly favered rival was his own brother. so he decides to take matters into his own hands. He takes his Patron Robot, and goes to the Villains Act for help. He joins in exchange for them to help mass-produce his robot, which he has decided to rename it, the 'Praetorian'. And so, with help from them, they kill Jarter and make it look like an accident. Cause of his shattering of morality, he was unable to mentally have regrets. With him dead, Curtar takes his place as Councilor, slowly giving birth to a technocracy which is enforced by his Praetorians, and ruled by him after the President dies of the same terminal illness his father suffered. The Council was given minimum power, and the Praetorians only served Ganali. He even had all science companies on the planet under his control.

He ruled over this technocratic government for over 5 years until it was eventually discovered by a spy that he was the one responsible for the death of Jarter. After informing the Council, they informed the Feds, and they had Ganali banished from Ibrjuna forever, even dispite protests that Curter argued that it was the council's, the millaterry's, and the people's fault for stealing his ambition away from him because his brother was considered for faverable, and attempted to send him to Oranos until he escaped with the help of his Praetorians. He felt wronged, beytrayed, and hurt that his own people turned on him, unable to morally realise that there is actselly a justifyable reason for it. He was offictally under the mental problem of being "Morally Challnaged", where he was litterally unable to tell right from wrong, even from a dead obvious standpoint, a commen issue with Megalomaniacs. He retreated to Peerbon, and Qui tells him that he still has a chance of rebuilding a new empire. He is able to locate a planet called Sioephus, an Australian planet in the same system as Ibrjuna with limited technology experience, and cities ripe for the taking. So she is able to help him conquer a small city in one area of the planet, and he converts it into a robotic metropolis where most of the people are forcefully fitted with robotic armor with mind-control helmets that make them loyal to Ganali as slaves. The Praetorians serve as the police force of the city, and even other kinds of war machines are produced. But then, Ganali discovers that there might be one designed from the humans of the AUU out there for him to use to destroy the resulting freedom-fighters that came with his takeover. But through a stroke of luck, he hears about a local hero by the name of Byron. He orders him captured, and they find him, and the resulting chase leads Byron right into the path leading to the freedom-fighters.

Angry that his own Praetorians failed for the first time, Ganali labels Byron a rogue criminal to his own conquered city, and the mind-controlled citizens are commanded to attack him on sight. The freedom fighters go out of their way to protect him, but some die. Byron isn't able to stop Ganali from gaining the blueprints, and he is forced to do whatever he can to destroy the war machine before it's sent to take over the rest of Sioephus. He fights his way through the place, and confronts Ganali. Ganali nearly wins until Byron's new friends come in to help save him. They send Ganali to Oranos, save the planet, and Byron is made a member of the Sioephus Rebellion. Ganali however, manages to get out again thanks to incompident guards, and has disappeared into obscurity ever since.

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