Master Wakeem D. Hecatomb is a fictional Superior Secretary Bird published in Kratos' XD Comix. He was known to be part of the criminal community that caused the Kratosian Civil War. He made a huge fortune of trading resources, but when the community ended, he made a new life of crime. However, because he has power mimicry, he was discriminated and even his parents were killed by highly-discriminative Superiors. The very basturds who killed his parents were sure that they wouldn't be punished because of Hecatomb's inferiority, but man, they were far from the truth, as they were still legally-prosecuted because it was still murder. But even though they were sent to prison for life, it wasn't enough for Hecatomb because he wanted them dead like his parents, but the justice system insisted two wrongs didn't make a right, and promised that the discrimination nonsense would be put to an end soon. But even when there was a promise to end discrimination, he plotted revenge on the government, who he was upset that they waited until there was death to actually do something, and to him, it disgusted him that they long had the power to prevent death and neglected it. Because of this, he was inspired to arise better than this 'incompetent government'. While he had heard of a cult that helps against discrimination of mimickers, he refused to join because he had a personal hate against the government. He wanted more than to take it down, and wasn't fond of their hypocrisy of wanting to discriminate Non-mimickers, implying a hatred for discrimination even more than the neglectful government. He wanted to take it over and not only make mimickers equal, but make his own empire. His powers manifested and grew stronger as a result, and he had become the leader of his own robotic foot soldiers which he used to try and take over Kratos. Fortunately, the Titaneers always got in his way, and he has been one of their major adversaries. Hecatomb is a great visionary who sees that his rule would be much perfect and no wars would ever stir again, and no Superior should be treated like an unequal, which is why he neglected to join The Mimic Cult because they wanted to only make Mimickers the dominate Superiors while others were lower-class, and hated their hypocrisy. He is also very ruthless, intelligent, and sees himself as a messiah. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, super-mentality, super-longevity, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, force-field generation, power mimicry, and electrical manipulation.

  • MCode: ElmFfgPmSaSlSmSsTkTpoTpy


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