Goan Ling
Vital statistics
Title Master Ling, Chi Master Ling, Ling of Gobi's Aurora Valley
Gender Male
Race/Species Desert monitor (Varanus griseus)
Faction Independent Chi Master
Description Middle-Aged, Noble, Brave, Courageous, Tough, Resilient, Relentless
Skills and Abilities Enlightened Levels of Chi Mastery, Kung Fu Skills, Natural Lizard Abilities, Venomous Bite
Status Alive
Location DreamWorks Universe KFP World
  • Chi Aurora Valley, Gobi Desert (Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Master Goan Ling is a Desert Monitor who lives in the Gobi Desert of DreamWorks China. He is a highly-praised and famous master of Chi who has had several tutors and students throughout history.


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