Master Fremde Affenston Rerico Tobani was an Alternate UUniversal Aufone from Planet Mirra. He was the namesake founder of the Tobani Sector of the Gamma Universe, and was a hugely popular and praised philosopher who was studying the mysterious possibilities of the Tobani Arm and thus went off-planet with a crew consisting of his friends and family to go on a crusade that lasted their entire lives, as they discovered literally every planet in the sector and defied death countless times, as his actions resulted in the sector's current society and came to found the sector until his death. Though he may not be as dead as he seems as his presence can be felt in many corners of the Tobani Arm, tying to the myth that he and all other sectorial founders became Sectorials, or figures that are guardian angels who watch each arm of a Universe's Unigalax.

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