"This one's sole porpose in this lifetime is to my people. And this one will see to it."

Matriarch Nigerian Climosikiflimackasulaconaka the 709th is an Alternate UUniversal Cryonoid from Planet Oranos. She is the leader of the planet's only known dominant species, the Cryonoids, which lives underneath the ice. Her ansistery saw the anti-war shaman cursed their valued food shorce to stop a tribal war and bring universeal peace among the tribes. Even in her age, Cryos never exspearienced turning old, so she has the body of a super model dispite being trillians of years old. It also has a benifit of enabling her to hang on to her warrior princess days and has remain as atlethic as she can be. However, she is forced do deal with "overworld outsiders" irrespondsably placing "their sin" onto the planet in the form of the scurge underbelly of their socities, placing them all in an ice prison planet meant to keep them there forever, failing to realise that the Cryos lived here due to their underground habits. Natrolly, the curse that brought them, has now become a thing of famine because the shamans and charwoman of her tribe and other tribes are hardly even close to match the magic of the shamon who cased the spell. She was forced to do an alternate: Force the outsiders to leave and take their sin somewhere else. Sadly, simply asking is out of the question thanks to Warden Croker being a known doughe. Nigerian was forced to declare "Surviveal War" on the prisons and force them to leave, even if it means being forced to aide the outsider's sinsful ones to escape the planet and be free to resume what got them on Oranos to begin with. She is not proud of it, but her duty and vow to help her people forced her into it. Sometimes, Wardens and Prisoners too nasty to be let go are made into her people's slaves and treated like low-class workers and are forced into back breaking labor. Sometimes, when some were to die from exhausted or if killed accsidently or by a violent prisoner for various reasons, the bodies are feed to the larva so it won't be wasted, or if the person was good in heart, used as furtiliser for the plant to keep it from dying too soon. She's about the size of a tall statue, not giant, but much taller then the average being and fellow Cryoniods, who they are also slightly taller then average beings.
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