Madron Orion Marx, AKA Matrix

Madron O. Marx, AKA Matrix, is an Alternate UUniversal Alganor from the Planet Zirciania. He worked for the Villains Act as one of the inventors of Dr. Tarold Tenma's classified Aluminite Prototype until he and Tarold was killed when protecting the Prototype from the Zircianian military. But the Villains Act retrieved Madron and Tarold's bodies, and repaired them with robotic prototypes, except for Tarold, who's upper chest and arms (which were preserved) had been poisoned, and needed replacements. When Tarold took his Aluminite Prototype as the replacement, he and Matrix plotted to make a robotic army to rule the UUniverses until Tarold's cyborg daughter, Telthonatron, stopped them with help from one of Tarold's traitorous colleagues. Tarold was killed, and Matrix was sent to the prison planet of Oranos. But it's only a matter of time before he escapes to plot his revenge.


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