Matter Counciler

A Matter Counciler Example.

Matter Councilors
, often dubbed Hoyles, are Outer Gods that are responsible for the management of matter in the multiverse. They are one of the five types of Realitors, creatures that govern the nature of physical laws, alongside the Time Councilers, Space Councilors, Energy Councilors, and Physic Councilors. These beings were created by the Amoral Ones to govern the interaction of elements, compounds, atoms, molecules, quarks, particles, solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, and even antimatter. They master this craft to the point that their own bodies are litterally living planets with actual life living on them. Matter Councilers have a known adventurious inventor habit to them, often creating beings like The Element Race, beings based on their craft, to see about assisting them in managing the impourent state of planets which is often brought into them by Worlders, of which the Matter Councilers re introduse it after the Space Councilers picked a perfect location for it. They pocess flouting hands that can transend dimensions and shoulder cannons filled with never-ending water and magma to use to make worlds appear into a realm as presented by a Worlder. They take great pride in their part to introduse planets into realms, even when their craft has always been taken for granted by the life that comes to be grown there. but in truth this surprisingly doesn't bother them too greatly (Besides a small nitpick on how they could stand to be more curious and considerate), for they believe that the entire point for life-giving planets is basicly to have life in it, only being placeholders for a potaintional race to grow with it and to have them thrive in it, where as planets not meant to have life, sentient or otherwise, are often just practice blanks of their power, though sometimes the spefific planets ending up having life surprises and fasinates them. As such, these interesting things had thus introdused their adventurious inventive nature, aiming to see what works and what doesn't. What they aren't so fond of, is the prospect of their craft being blantently destroyed, hence why they asked the Fearbenders to make the prospect of world destroying weapons something to be utterly feared, justifying why nukes and Death Star eqsed weaponry are always so feared and banned from common use.
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