Maverick Morte Bills

Maverick/Morte Gillon Bills As The Beastequinox

Maverick Bills/Morte Gillon, undercover name Maverick/Monte Gills, are fused Alternate UUniversal Starbills from Planet Warboth. One was named Maverick, a former and wise soldier and noblemen who worked for the Warbothian Navy for 12 years with his brother, Nathan. His other was Morte, a commen purse snatching thug turned ruthless Villains Act assassin who hid his looks by wearing a black suit. Maverick and Morte have no memory of each other and both assumed eachother are just another hero/villain, but they randomly show up doing both good and evil. Sadly, they were at somepoint totally different people, with morte not even related to the bills family! Morte was just a thug starbill Maverick was trying to stop for stealing his girlfriend's purse, before the Act happened, then a strange accurence from a rare magical thunderstorm happened during Warboth's "Magic Thunder" Festival and the both the two were STUPIDLY near a metal pole at the time, and we know how lightning LOVES metal, now do we? At first, both assumed eachother either escaped/got away, and both were rivals that never were able to meet, but if they were to realise that they are one, they're gonna start fighting for control of the body that'll result the first image you see.


Maverick Bills

Maverick and Nathan were born as the sons of a Naval Officer for his aristocratic homeland.

Morte Gillon

Morte was born as the younger brother in a dirt-poor family and was the son of a mudslinger. However, he and his older brother got along horribly and he wanted to be acknowledged, something he was always denied because of his older brother, making him jealous. As a result of this, he ran away from home to never be seen again, nor even actselly acknowedged to have left. Morte went down he criminal path ever since.


MM has exemplary villain skill due to his binded hosts:

  • Maverick: His Maverick side gives him training from the Navy and thus is very proficient in combat. He has cunning tactics that can get him to adapt around situations quickly. He is observant and perceptive, he can quickly learn to wield any weapon he wants, he can bypass and sneak through any form of security, and he is an observant fighter that can learn fighting moves by seeing them in action.
  • Morte: His Morte side makes him an expert liar, trickster, thief, manipulator, and user. He can manipulate anybody he wants including rigging the Leader Initiative to choose him as the leader of the Heroes Act and even finding ways to turn the Heroes Act against each other. His mastery of deception lets him use loopholes to his advantage, and be a good sociopath, and with the hero training of Maverick, he's one of the most competent villains the Heroes Act had gone up against.


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