Max The "Moon" Cat.
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Vital statistics
Title Moon Cat, Stray, "Boyfriend" of a very wild cat, Member of the Shell Louge Squad (By chance of convinence.)
Gender Male.
Race/Species Tabby Cat.
Faction Shell Louge Squad.
Description Stray Cat condition.
Skills and Abilities Cat abilities, though pretty much stirctly non-fighter.
Status Alive.
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.

On top of a building in Dreamworks New York.

Alignment Good.

Max (called "Moon-Cat" by the penguins) is a stray tabby cat that lives on the top of a building in New York. He is gold colored with one blue eye and one green eye. He originally wanted to eat the penguins after they crashed on his roof but had a change of heart after they gave him a can of sardines as a parting gift. In Cat's Cradle Max is being chased by Officer X. The penguins help him get away from him by hiding him in the zoo. He lives on a roof and is unable to catch a bird. He has scratches under one eye. he ultamately joined the lougers in Spongebob and friends find atlantis. (which was by accsadent, but mostly due to Supervideomaniac's love of cats) he's like a panicy but very kind hearted little brother.

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