Vital statistics
Title Rabbit Thingy, Psycotic Bunny, Fanged Rodent, Deranged Rabbit, Gun-Trotting Psyro Long-Eared Rat, President of the United States (Of his world) High Preist of the Oceanchimps, Member of the Shell Louge Squad.
Gender Male.
Race/Species Lagomorth (Rabbit Thing by others).
Faction Independent (Formerly)

Shell Louge Squad (First and Foremost) Dave Felis' team (On Occations).

Description Debatable.
Skills and Abilities Unpredictability, varies in situation.
Status Alive.
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.

Max, a "hyperkinetic rabbity thing", is one of the two titular characters in the Sam & Max franchise.

Character Detail

Violent, impulsive and indulgent in the extreme, Max is the source of much of the franchise's unique humor. Max is an active member of the Freelance Police along with his long time partner and friend Sam.

He often refers to himself as a lagomorph, though he also sometimes refers to himself as a rabbit. A rabbit is a type of lagomorph, so these are not mutually exclusive. He enjoys violence and prefers to solve problems aggressively. He has a slight distaste for the long stories, anecdotes, and sentences that Sam constantly spouts forth, often asking Sam and others not to use various words such as 'ensue' and 'acumen'. He shares Sam's enthusiasm in just about anything, especially if it involves large guns and trouble. He also has very poor hygiene, as he sometimes tastes his own belly button lint, and once had a large "suspicious growth" behind his ear. Sam has commented on his pungent bodily odors on more than one occasion. Both Sam and Max have also commented on the obscure fact that Max has a metal plate in his skull. He is apparently ambidextrous as he is shown in the comics holding weapons with his right hand in some occasions while using his left in others. Max always Gobbles things up. in Bright Side of the Moon Max Gobbles a Glass containing a Bent Spoon.

Max always carries a Luger around, and when asked where he keeps it usually responds with "None of your damn business.". He is fairly trigger-happy with it in the early comics, but this is rarely seen elsewhere. Like Sam, he's a lousy shot and never seen actually hitting anyone. Perhaps because of this, he prefers to get up close and simply leap at his foes and hurt them in whatever way he can come up with. This fails miserably about as often as it works; despite his boundless energy and love for violence, Max isn't particularly good at fighting.

He can be somewhat co-dependent when it comes to their relationship - there are several instances of him and Sam getting each other's names mixed up, but Max does this more often than Sam.

His full name is either Maximilian (in Abe Lincoln Must Die!) or Maxwell (Ruth calls him this in Christmas Bloody Christmas).

Although his eyes look the same color as most other characters (black slits), his is actually brown according to Sam.

As of Abe Lincoln Must Die!, Max is President of the United States of America. And as of Moai Better Blues, Max is High Priest of the Oceanchimps.

At the end of The Devil's Playhouse, Max is killed shortly after performing the first truly unselfish act of his life. After the epilogue, his alternate past self appears by time elevator and for all purposes becomes the "new" Max.

Psychic Powers

Max has at times displayed latent psychic powers, such as resisting hypnotism in Culture Shock, consciousness transference in Bad Day on the Moon, various manifestations in Beast From the Cereal Aisle and a "lagomorphic mind meld" in The Second Show Ever. His psychic powers play an important part in The Devil's Playhouse, where he can use various toy-shaped artifacts to use specific abilities at will. The player controls Max from a first-person perspective to do this.

Date of Birth

According to the episode Chariots of the Dogs, Max was born on July 10th, presumably somewhere in the 1970s. He seems to be roughly the same age as Sam, though rabbits life expectancy is normally less long than dogs'.


Max's family were shown in the comic The Damned Don't Dance, but none were named. Other than in Culture Shock where Max implies that most of his (large) family are criminals or in jail, and in Bright Side of the Moon, where he responds to "It's the Lunar Lander" with "So was my aunt Tillie, but they can't prove anything", he doesn't talk much about them. In The Penal Zone he mentions his father's name is Maximus. Another family member is his Great-Grandfather, also named Maximus.


The Geek
Licking and/or Biting things
Touching things (his third favorite thing to do to things)
The color orange
Glazed McGuffins
Shooting stuff
Burning stuff
The Rubber Pants Commandos
Gobbling Things
"Petting" the "unicorn"
"Lucky Charms" and "Rice Krinkles"
Looking at girls
Buddy Hackett
Highway Surfing
Cute babies
Making farting noises with his armpit
Wandering aimlessly
Malfeasance (It's his second-favorite feasance!)
Paper-bag puppets of himself
Celebrities who use their fame to force their ideals on others (like Hugh Bliss)


Not having an inventory
Cheese from a pressurized can
Renaissance reenactment participants
Long tedious explanations or stories
Being called Hello Kitty or Harvey
Auntie Alice
Musicals/singing (?)
Swiss Cheese
The Internet Wizard
Country Music
Ventriloquist Dummies


[edit] Young Max

Young Max has been in all three mediums Sam and Max has been in. He is a precarious, bold, and somewhat self-absorbed child. His impulsive behavior is probably a main factor in the dangerous mischief he and young Sam perpetrate, such as setting fire to things. He is always seen with Sam and stands up for him whenever someone truly hurts him.

In the Telltale games, Max isn't above name calling and bullying Sam around like the other kids do. Though this may be viewed as taking Sam's friendship for granted, considering Max's spontaneous nature coupled with the way he will treat Sam as an adult, he doesn't seem to really mean what he says and just wants a reaction from the usually timid Sam.

He's also selfish and addicted to videogames. He would rather stay indoors and play them than socialize with anyone except for Sam, because video games are the only things that "really understand" him.

Apparently, a girl named Jennie Tallarico has a crush on him. Max doesn't like her, mostly because she's known to french kiss anyone in school.

Besides being a bit shorter, young Max has a rounder head, is a bit chubbier and has comparatively shorter ears. Interestingly, these last three are also true of the way Max looked in very early comics as compared to later ones.

Teen Max

Not much is known about Max when he was a teenager. In the Telltale games, he claimed that Sam begged him to club Sam's opponents in the knees so that Sam would be able to win surfing trophies. Max also was about to go into a story in Chariots of the Dogs about something major that happened to him which turned him off on girls indefinitely. However, he decided not to tell it since there was no flashback.

It may have been a reference to a puzzle that was ultimately cut out of the game, in which Max's dislike of girls started during a game of spin the bottle. Max had to kiss Sam's cousin, who resembled Sam, and was so traumatized by the experience that he never developed an interest in girls.

Old Max/Future Max

Old Max was first seen in the animated series' episode The Dysfunction of the Gods where Sam and Max undergo rapid aging. He suffers from bad back posture, hair loss, and is somewhat overweight, but he still has his destructive tendencies.

In the Telltale episode Chariots of the Dogs, the future Max looks as if he never aged past his current self. He acts somewhat different, though, almost grown up. This is probably because he has the responsibility of taking care of Sam, who is not faring well in his old age. He is very condescending to the present-day Sam and Max, who he sees as primitive. Future Max wears a Geordi La Forge-style visor.

He's mastered vulcanology, a reference to earlier in the game and a hint to a puzzle in the room he's in. He and Sam work for Stinky Corp, but suspects that the company is making its popular super-adhesive out of molemen.

Zombie Max

Being turned into a zombie in Night of the Raving Dead didn't seem to affect Max's personality at first, until he noticed an unnatural desire to eat Flint Paper's brains. Not getting his soul back as easily as Sam forced him to give a presidential address in zombie form, but the two eventually drove back to Stuttgart to reclaim it.

Max's soul

When Max's soul gets separated from him in Night of the Raving Dead, it shows an uncharacteristically virtuous and calm personality. It is disdainful towards Max and not at all inclined to reunite, but ultimately doesn't have a choice in the matter.

Max's Brain

When Max's brain is removed and stored in a jar in They Stole Max's Brain!, he retains many of his former traits, despite being physically impossible. Max is shown being able to see without having eyes, talk without having vocal cords, a tongue or even a mouth, and is also shown being able to hold objects like the toys of power given to him by the rebellious Mole People. He also retains his special "hiding spot" since the Toys of Power disappear once they are given to him.

Psychic Max

Near the end of Beyond the Alley of the Dolls, Yog-Soggoth unlocks Max's full Psychic potential in order to defeat Charlie Ho-Tep. This give Max the ability to use all of his powers without the Toys of Power, and even increase their abilites.

"Junior" Max

When Max defeats Charlie Ho-Tep at the end of Beyond the Alley of the Dolls,he falls onto Junior, apparently absorbing part or all of him and turns into an Eldritch Monstrosity. "Junior" Max is the main plot point of The City that Dares Not Sleep.

newfound role in the spongebob siries.Edit

Sam and Max, along with the disney inspired versons of them, Brandy and Mr. Wiskers, and Lola boa and Ed the otter, first appeared when Max opened the plane cockpit door when he thought it was the bathroom, and ended cause them to fall out. and max blames that it looks identical. they briefly was gonna have a soft landing, only to be interupted when they came across smoke coming from the matchmaker, causing Max to sneese, which later lead them to crash on Melman, and then encountered the shell louge squad. after helping Spongebob fight the villain leage, they went of to find atlantis. apawn such, they befriended Batty koda, the digidesten and their digimon, and Miguel and Tuilo. when they were needed again to come to the defence of camelot in Spongebob and Friends go on the quest for camelot, where after such, they joined the shell louge squad, and even invited them to find atlantis, which they did in Spongebob and Friends find atlantis. Max is like the pycotic, but very good hearted, lovable, and absiluly repectable, ~~Max was here!~~ and strong willed, but friendly and humorious brother to the louge. he is also now Host of the new Sam and Max side-show hour, whiched started out as a Who should join now or later? episode, which exsited only as one cause of a mishap with Hades.

intended spin-off siries.Edit

Sam and Max, along With Brandy and Wiskers, (Brandy being the intended main character) along with Lola Boa and Ed the otter, was gonna star in their own spin-off siries, but was canned when Scroopfan needed replacement moisodes for the Spongebob siries, since it was the main focusing siries, Atlantis intened to be the first, the great mouse dectecive the second, and cat's don't dance the 3rd, which ended being contvered into Spongebob and Friends siries moisodes.

other roles outside the spongebob and friends siries.Edit

Sam, Max, Brandy, and Mr. Whiskers also joined with Dave Felis and his group code-named Team C.A.T. (Cartoon Animal Taskforce), with a similar story to the Spongebob and Friends series but with a change. After escaping the rainforest, they went though a portal and ended up in the dave felis universe. it's also reveled in that siries that they, along with brandy and mr wiskers, that they are digimon hybrids powered by the Mugen crystals. no such powers have been shown in the Spongebob and Friends siries. and Sam and Max also joined with Jacob NightFury and his friends in Team Adventure, however, Brandy and Mr wiskers is not involed in the Jacob nightfury siries. it has been shown that Lola Boa and Ed the Otter are not seen with Brandy and Mr. Wiskers in the Dave felis siries. But Ed and Lola will soon be mentioned by Dave since he knows of the two and of them being in an adventure team of Spongebob through the help of "their resumes"

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