Maxus-001 is an Alternate UUniversal robot from Planet Taimgor. He is a robot that is the main character of a fairy tale tragedy called Wired Emotion. The story is about a robot which develops feelings in a land where robots were nothing but evil, and a rebellion faction was trying to reprogram these robots into developing free will so they can overcome their search-and-destroy programming. One robot, dubbed Maxus-001 by the rebels, was plugged into a virtual fantasy environment where he would slowly build a relationship with a human female named Cici, unaware that she is actually a virtual matrix unit programmed to rehabilitate Maxus. Later on after the robot has a happy ending after a grand adventure of learning lessons and saving 'Cici' from a monster, the outside robots find the base and lay waste to it. When Maxus finds out 'Cici' is a virtual unit, he discovers that the real Cici is dying, and developing a crush on her due to it's training, he transfers her consciousness into the virtual unit to be with her. Much to it's dismay, Cici panics, screaming herself to critically dissolving, malfunctioning, and death when she realizes she is trapped in a critically-unstable machine. Distraught, and actually crying to almost short-circuiting levels, Maxus starts to fight with the rebels to end the robot war, and in 7 years time, the war has been ended and Maxus is a war hero. Maxus' accomplishment eventually made him a member of the Fantasy Council, and worthy enough to wield a knight's magic sword. But even though he ended the threat of the rogue robot empire, the only one that survived was the robots' old leader and first rogue robot created during the war, Borgen EXO-19, who created a duplicate version of himself before being permanently shut down, and this duplicate is still at large to this very day.

Story and History

Story History

Wired Emotion was created during the Exo-Wars by an author named Gakira Kakatisk. Following the many attacks that the machines have created, a very infamous belief of anti-robot prejudice formed due to a crazy rumor that machines were meant to be abused for nefarious purposes such as wars. When the Exo-Wars were about to end, this prejudice and fear ended up getting worse when the killings and bloodshed escalated. Though Gakira knew within the depths of her heart that machines were not like that at all, and that anything controlled by bad people like Infernus can do bad things. So she wrote Wired Emotion to emphathize her beliefs. Her story grew into becoming very famed for it's setting, it's gothic tones, and for it's heart-shattering ending. The story left the people so touched, it gave them hope that machines were not taken seriously, and thus they stopped believing the rumors. Gakira was deemed a hero who published a story so powerful, it was made a fairy tale that would be later used in schools to teach robot ethics, and the many shorts produced by even Qalton Mimzy are played all over the world, and is considered one of the saddest stories ever conceived.


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