Victor Kerl Maxxus

Lawgiver Victor K. Maxxus is an Alternate UUniversal Cesect from Planet Marbon. He is an alien being which is noted for vestigial eyes, and thus, while blind, their vestigial eye sockets have been filled by special organs that are far more evolved than eyes, as they are actually called berries, as they are elaborate and miniature melon organs that grant an electrosonic-based imaging system that allows the race to pick up anything through neural-charged high-frequency shockwaves that flash every 5 milliseconds, not only acting as an electroreceptor, but also analyzes anything the shockwaves pick up and bounce off of, allowing them to easily trace networks like the Omninet and create a digital 3D map within their sights, allowing them to see perfectly well without eyes. While being an enthusiast of the Human Protection Agency long ago, his mourn after the humans disbanding, as well as being reduced into going into an orphanage in a lawless city, he soon became the self-appointed head of bringing law to lawless worlds across the AUU since the disbanding of CrimeTech following the fall of CEO Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey, and even forming a Inspector Carmalita Fox and Sly Cooper-style relationship, minus the romance, with the one who took it down, Solo Morecraft, finding himself trying to arrest him every turn, but also helping him in others, especially when he arrests his enemy Golton Oz Boxley and learns more about the antiheroic Morecraft Clan, who do good as criminals. He's pretty much the primary force behind the interest of going after lawless worlds, aside of Alternate UUniversal Grand Council's likewise agenda to avoid more VAs and those simular to The Obsidian Hobnobbers. He is similar to Danny Phantom Walker in personality, but he is highly skilled in combat, martial arts, versatility with weapons and melee weapons, and he can do it accurately even without eyes, as it can naturally grant him 360-degree vision as the neural shockwave goes in all directions.


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As a Cesect, Maxxus is naturally blind and has no eyes. Instead, his eyes are organs called 'berries', essentially mini-melons that use high-frequency shockwaves like sonar to pick up an image in his mind and thus allow him to know his surroundings more accurately than one who uses eyes for sight. His other senses are extremely accurate, and more so as being more developed than humans. However, his race has special glasses-like visors called blankers that, though not transparent because of no sight, can expand their perception in various ways. He currently wears small blankers that increase his perception and increase his berries' accuracy and speed.

Maxxus is heavily skilled in combat, marksmanship, martial arts, and can learn very quickly, having a photographic memory, an expansive coordination, and perfected escape artistry. He is agile, has great reflexes, is very acrobatic, quick, can dodge point-blank gunfire, can plan tactics quickly as his race experiences time 2x faster than an ordinary human, and thus he can do anything faster than a normal human. He has an ISD device that allows him to store anything he finds, he wears a flexi-suit of Kevlar, Nomex, and is incredibly durable against certain forms of gunfire, and he

His primary weapons are one special firearm developed by his race, the MAW-20 Modular Assault Weapon that has customizable settings that include assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, explosive launchers, and rocket launchers, and even the firearm type and barrel are customizable. His other weapons include a Human RAW-50 Rapid Assault Weapon for when his MAW-20 runs out of ammo, a Dohl BLA51 Pulse Blaster, a Combat Vibroknife, and a stun-baton. He also carries several smart grenades that have an intelligence and can adapt to any changes in the environment within it's time limit of 5 seconds. Other common explosives include teleport grenades, shield grenades, deployable turrets, and common gear which include a scanning device several surveillance probes, electrobinoculars, a holo-disguise, hacking devices, a mobile multi-purpose emulator device, and an AI named Embrance that, born from the DNA of his dead daughter of the same name, he has a small device implanted in his ear canal that allows him to communicate to her from his vehicle.

His vehicle is an omnic vehicle, a vehicle developed mainly by Zextzion Inc, which all Lawgivers use for amphibious travel. It is an all-terrain vehicle that commonly carries an AI port for those who wish to have one. The vehicle can turn into a hovercraft, an aerial vehicle, a spaceship, an aquavehicle, and a boat. Embrance can be used as an auto-pilot, can do emergency responses in situations, and . It is coated in durabe and adaptive pigmosteel, which is a being-made substance that can absorb light and mimic coloration, allowing for change in appearance and active camouflage. It has Wi-Fi, holographic capabilities, windows that serve as a computer interface, has radar, can hide it's windows, can tap into the Omninet, has two hidden pulse and laser cannons, can rely on multiple sources of power including electricity, solar energy, hydropower, and often times fossil fuels.

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