Maya Z. Blunt-Grant is an Alternate UUniversal mantis-like android from Planet Remena. She is the adopted daughter of the Mantran head commander of Vigorasia General John Torchwood with the downloaded consciousness of his deceased stepdaughter of the same name, and a member of Team SMKE. She was created initially to be the next step of revolutionizing the military through synthetic soldiers, but Torchwood saw it as the daughter he never had and thus when his stepdaughter died, he downloaded her consciousness into the model, and tested it's effectiveness as a member of Vigorasia's Radiance Academy. However, during a tournament battle against Persia Nikki, whose magnetic abilities could dangerously counter her robotic composition, her abilities reflected Maya's rockets back at her due to an illusion from Berilia and ended up damaging Maya greatly resulting in Tephra being able to strike enough distraught in the kingdom to cause a Grimace invasion. After the destruction, Maya was repaired by the understanding members of Team SMKE, even though Magemaster Ura'nus Azzhole wanted Maya to be flat out sold for scrap and redused to spare-parts because of the risk she posed, but the rest of the council proved too passive and forgiving for Azzhole's desires, thus Maya is kept and continues to help them fight Grimmess Occultra. Maya would be the teams way to contact the Council for anything serious, though her message frequecy sometimes ends up being caught in other message ways and the message ends up in places it wasn't suppose to be seen in, which Grandmaster Magilon may deem useful to inspire a very impourent change when he knows of the true problem stemming beyond the obvious and behind the grims, even if it would mean risking Maya to be endangered of being scrapped by UIS, their system's isolaters. Before being damaged, Maya could speak adequately, but now she currently speaks more like a robot as her vocal software were far too damaged to be repaired that easily. She is the AUU version of RWBY Penny.


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