Mayor Maximillon 2

"Why people want to follow a useless socialist like Prince Derek, is beyond my knowledge."

Mayor Maximillon is one of the mayors of the many islands of Destiny Islands, and considerably one of the many things wrong with desteny islands. He is asentually like Makunga times 10 in the douchsbag skale, with un underseveing stance in polotics, and a very unfair plan to slove Desteny Island's ecomimy problem by building oil rigs everywhere, even if it sacrivices the evioment in the progress. It shows he values money more then actselly sloving problems he may or may not even TRY to tackle. He is in a serious rivalery with Prince Derek, deeming his faverable, benvolent views as "Socialisum", and un-progressive, and even more so is very against that Desteny Islands is still under a traditional monarchy and Maxi thinks DI should already join the modern plane for demorckry, or at least, make HIM king. He's also a hypocrite, he ignored the traditional proceedsure and just automaticly had all other corrupt mayors impeached to claim the civilised islands himself, and yet would mock Derek for being in love with someone not in royalty, (as deminstracted in The Seas of Captain Legend Part 2 when he assumed Marenia was just a commoner and not royalty due to her non-merpony form), and banning magic that punished Wajinga and El Skales con Carnage for fathering and protacting her, and yet his mother is an evil Zira look-a-like named Nikaiu.
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