Mayor Rex

Mayor Tyrone Tyrek Rexford

Mayor Tyrone T. Rexford is a Tyrannosaurus rex who lives in Zootopia's underground prehistoric utopia, Dinosica. He is the mayor of the place's capital and lives in mountain-bordered City Hall in the center of the Mesozoic District of the city. As a T-Rex, he is described as a king, and he is quite good at that, though as a rex, he can have a temper worthy of the "Tyrant King of the Dinosaurs" steriotype as he does end up being more then alittle controlling and often unapologenic to his final says, though he has a bigger heart then his anger-management issue would suggest, but he does have an ego worthy to filled his entire skull cause he is VERY concerned about self-image and reputation, specially since he's a T-Rex, a dino steriotyped to be considerably evil because of litterally being called "Tyrant Lizard King", so he can't help to react alittle negitively to those that take steriotypes seriously, epsiecally if it's either him or those that can't easily defend themselves from bigger and stronger animals. Because of this, he's also intolerable of rebellions and protests, espeically if it's over a rising trend that works against certain groups, even more so if it's against Predators or Big Animals. Regardless, he does what is best for Dinosica. Even if it means working behind it's back to counter any rising problem and secretly containing it and trying to quietly fix it.


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