Elsa Octavius Swineton
Vital statistics
Title Mayor Swineton, Mayor of Predator Hell, 28th Mayor of Herbavoris
Gender Female
Race/Species Domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus)
Faction Herbavoris Government Leader
Description Xenophobic and Speciesist, Bitter and Vengeful, Cunning, Sneaky, Manipulative, Tyrannical, Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder, Sensitive of Stereotypes, Abusive
Skills and Abilities Natural Pig Abilities
Status Alive
Location Zootopia
  • Herbavoris (Hometown)
Alignment Evil

Mayor Elsa O. Swineton is a pig and the leader of the city Herbavoris in the world of Zootopia. She is an extremely infamous and globally-loathed leader by not just her city's subjects, but the people of Zootopia and beyond. She is classified to be 'A real piece of work' by Mayor Leo Lionheart because she is among the worst examples of speciesism that can ever be committed to the people of her homeworld, as she is infamous for turning Herbavoris into a police state that heavily restricts the rights of predators in faver for herbivores and makes the city go by the standards of always believing in stereotypes about animals even if they're not always true. As far as anyone would care to know, Swineton has reduced predators in her society as second-class citizens as she turned Herbavoris into a society that strictly only favors herbivores while carnivores are left with virtually nothing but what they are able to get, and makes sure to enforce their place in Herbavoris society by having them wear Tame Collars at all times, which would be programmed to administer a painful shock to the wearer if excited, emotional, or aggressive, all while enforcing this collar law with her extremely diligent, supervising, and extremely tough police force called T.U.S.K.. This affected many lives in the city and even ruined some to the point of being forced to leave. Herbavoris began to widely suffer as well because of her views. Businesses not native to Herbavoris refused to do business, and tourism across Herbavoris practically ceased when touring to the police-state city was banned and forbidden to do so because the nature of it's mistreatment towards predators have mentally scarred many tourists, including children, for life. Despite all this, she kept firm to her beliefs and only consider the other cities too weak to understand, and mainly believes Zootopia to be the source of it. Alongside the members of T.U.S.K., she still does what she is doing to this day. On the outside, she's a meaningless speciesist, but like Senator Whyte, there is an air of mystery to her. Though her reasons are tragically-motivated and understandable to some in an arguable sense. Swineton was a victim of being judged and oppressed based on the basic pig stereotypes of being filthy, acting vey disgusting and gross, and disgustingly unafraid of filth when she was actually the opposite. She had major OCD, had been chronically hygienic, she was organized and orderly, and had dreams to inspire other pigs to do the same. However, doubtful predator bullies always pushed her into mud and mentally traumatized her because of her OCD and had always kept her from cleaning herself. When one day when this oppression finally got pushed too far, it inspired her to go into politics and get into the position of mayor, where she did all this as punishment for their mistreatment on her. But as before, there may be more than just a vengeful formerly-bullied little pig. She has two bird assistants named Butters and Brad who, despite their rough treatment, still remain loyal as her two friends of childhood.


Swineton was born in the world of Zootopia, speificly Pre-Police State Herbavoris, and grew up with a serious case of OCD, and thus she was mentally incapable of controlling her thoughts. Though this did put her against what pigs normally do with wallowing in the mud, always obsessed with cleanliness and was a very calm and collective child and pre-teen. However, what changed her life forever, and forever left her with an unyielding thought of constant pain of predators, is when said predators themselves started bullying her with her species' common stereotype of unsanitary and gross behavior to the point where it was very insulting and unmentionable, even to the point of pushing her in mud. She constantly grew up hating predators.

However, one day, a day after graduation, Swineton was ready to put her frustrations with predators away for good. But she was tricked by predators, especially the bullies of her childhood who claimed they wished to change their ways, into joining them in a special club, blindfolding her on their way there. However, instead of a club, it was a sewer line, where, upon taking off the blindfold and her utter shock, they pushed her into the raw sewage where she went through life-threatening sewage treatment plants that almost killed her and left her in a deep pile of manure, much to the amusement of her childhood bullies. Heartbroken, she ran away crying as they have pushed her too far. With her OCD, she could never forget this moment as it was what she considered the worst treatment she could ever receive. Especially since her bullies' lies convinced her that predators would never change. Thus, she swore to make all predators pay.

As the years passed, Swineton moved into a career of politics, and eventually moved onto a place as a vice-mayor of Herbavoris, which she considered the perfect position for her to exact her revenge. She did this by tricking a predator into displaying the most hurtful mistreatment to a herbivore, which ended up with the deaths of several herbivores, and leaking it to Herbavoris' public broadcasting, which left as much an impact as Judy Hopps' misguided and biased opinion on predators years later, which effectively tricked Herbivores all over Herbavoris into supporting her cause, immediately shunning every predatory citizen in Herbavoris. Eventually, their full support allowed her to become mayor later. Thus, with Herbavoris under her jurisdiction, she further made sure predators 'knew their place' by not only classifying them as second-class citizens, but also ensuring it stays that way by publicizing Tame Collars, which would give an predators who forgotten their place a painful electric shock. Herbivores were the dominant species across Herbavoris, and Swineton made sure that the city stood up for it's name, as she continues this to this very day. And she sticks to her guns even when Herbavoris became a place of infamy with other cities, espeically the city of Zootopia itself, which, though not exactly perfect and absolute in it's promises, is a beacon of tolerence and equility, even more so ever since the actions of Judy and Nick Wilde, which are mere extentions to what Gazelle as a rising pop star brought prior to the duo. Eventually, if Swineton were to get too careless or anything simular to the mistakes of Bellwether and Senator White, Swineton's rule will desten to be remembered in history as another exsample of Zootopia rising above hatred and inequility, even more so when the shock collars would prove to only make predators theroedicly worse then even what the Night Howler Strains can do if the collars are ever removed or even if they malfuntion in anyway.


  • "You think a muzzle is bad, Wilde? Try a Tame Collar! That'll teach you that what I say goes! Predators like you don't even DESERVE to co-exist with us, and if we must, it's more easier to make sure they don't strike out on their own! That's what I do, to remind them that just because they've got packed weapons, they cannot use them whenever they please."
  • "Oh, you think I'm doing this to be a jerk? No! Predators are MONSTERS! Why do you think prey treated people like YOU like dirt? Because of situations like what I went through! Do you have ANY idea what it's like to put up with the egotistical predator bullies that inspired me to do all this? They think they're SO superior because of who they are, and think that they can treat us like garbage. Well, they CAN'T! I'm just taking the pain to it's logical conclusion. Soon, you will join the predators of MY city and see JUST how it felt to be in MY shoes, when WE are the bullies!"
  • "Oh, Bellwether was a trump card for sure. She had the cunning that I had! And she was THIS close! If she HAD succeeded, we would've been great friends. But no, she underestimated a bunny and a fox. And trust me, I would NEVER fall for that, especially when T.U.S.K ALSO has recorders. Why do you think I confiscated your puny carrot pen? I expect EVERYTHING because I've been mayor FAR longer than the few days that Bellwether was taking the empty mayor's seat. I admit, I thought that she wouldn't make it this far given her limited mind. She was hoping to dart those predators just long enough for an uproar to take effect. But shock of all shock, you accelerated the plan FOR her like a dumb bunny! I never had that when I took charge. I never had a fancy serum to make predators go completely nuts! It was simple. I had to show predators at their VERY worst!"
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