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Percival C. McLeach

McLeach is a member of the Villain, and is the main villain from Spongebob and the Rescuers Down Under.



McLeach is a poacher who captures rare animals and sells them, usually for their hides. While not unnecesserily cruel, he clearly enjoys killing animals, at one point even singing a twisted version of the song "Home on the Range". He is an excellent hunter and tracker, and although he has only a 3rd grade education (which he considers to be an accomplishment on his part), he is very cunning, able to lie and cheat effectively, also quite cunning, tossing Cody's backpack into the water so that Cody will be presumed to have been eaten by crocodiles, coming up with the plot to trick Cody into leading him to the eagle, and being aware that Cody will never believe he is just letting him go, maintaining a nasty demeanour even as he releases the boy.

He has, for some unknown reason, chosen NOT to kill his pet Goanna, whom he calls Joanna, and although he threatens her on several occasions it is always when she misbehaves or does something stupid.

At first glance McLeach does not appear healthy. He seems to be balding, sports a pot-belly, and is tall and quite lanky despite the gruelling nature of his job. However he is actually quite strong, able to fight off several saltwater crocodiles, which are considered among the most dangerous animals in the world.


McLeach is dressed like an Australian stockman. He wears an akubra hat with crocodile teeth in its leather band. Around his neck is a backwards facing bandana. He wears a vest over his shirt. As seen, from capturing Marahute to trying to feed Cody to the crocodiles in Croc Falls, McLeach wears a Drizabone riding jacket but seconds before falling into the river, he took it off.

Role in the film

McLeach is first seen approaching one of the traps he has set, only to be surprised by having caught Cody. At first he tries to persuade Cody that he's not a poacher, and is prepared to let him go, but when he realises Cody knows the location of the great Golden Eagle Marahute, admits that he is a poacher, and has already shot the father. He tosses Cody's backpack to the crocodiles and kidnaps him.

At first he tries to persuade Cody to reveal the location, offering him a fifty/fifty deal on the sale. Although it's unknown whether he would have kept the deal, he does seem genuine. However Cody continues to refuse his deals, and he contemplates torture, but when Joanna steals his chicken eggs, he is inspired to tell Cody that Marahute is dead, and that there's no point to keeping him, then mentions casually that the eagles' eggs will go cold without their mother.

At the film's end, as McLeach tries to kill Cody to keep him from tattling on him about his capture of Marahute by feeding him to the crocodiles of Croc Falls, he's knocked into the river by Joanna, who was chasing Bernard. There the crocodiles then turn their attention from Cody to McLeach, and attack the poacher and lizard. But at first, he seems manages to fight them off, saying "You'll think twice before messin' with Percival C. McLeach!". However, as it turns out, the large reptiles were trying to escape a huge waterfall, and even Joanna, who has swam to shore, has informed McLeach of it by waving good-bye. The greedy poacher then discovers his fate, and tries to escape, but he is eventually swept over the falls to his apparent death, ending his malice for good.

Role in the series

McLeach is a member of the Villain League, and currently serves as the new treasure hunter with Medusa's...retirement at the hands of Dark Cynder.