Mean Six

The Mean Six Clones. (Vector curticy to the original artist).

The Mean Six were evil clones created by Chrysalis to steal the elements of harmony, only to be undone by the Tree of Harmony and turned into colored logs, only brought back by Neighsay and Oaken Beard. The clones were then utilised to frame the Main 6 of commited acts of being doughebags to the other races in another bid of Neighsay to undermine the School of Friendship, but eventually after he got usurped by Chrysalis and Mang Cobra there after then to only have the clones turn on them, the clones came to become their own threat. They were eventually finally defeated by the heroes and were purifived and turned into Ponents placed under Oaken's care. The names were Bully Pie, Bitchershy, Crabapplejack, Lady Hoarder, Lazy Dash, and finally, Noon Apostate. Imagine them as Discord's corrupting of the Mane 6 but given their own bodies. They also came to have their own "Mean Starlight" apply named Comi Glimmer.
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