Medley, AKA Bat-Nose, is a Mewnian monster that is similar to the Great Animal, and is spiteful towards Mewmans for their gross mistreatment. Growing up an orphan, he adopted the name 'Bat-Nose' since he was once feral and had no name, but adopted 'Medley' as a better name after being coined by King River during his hunting outings for his mix-matched biology. He was the one monster that was a good match for King River, and pestered him whenever he was out alone. Medley is a comically nasty, mischievous, and troublemaking monster that won't hesitate to treat Mewmans however he wants. But deep down, people like Star Butterfly see good in him. Medley has been shown to have very strong feelings for Taffee, and was often very concerned about her prolonged absince with little knowledge of why she wasn't in the Monster Army other then acknowledgement that her cousins were being dinkuses about it and that she was hardly ever found else where. He worried that she was either dead or at the least skipped the dimention for greener pastures, which either way, fueled his distaste for Mewmans.

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